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****All views, opinions, statements, photos, ideas and postings contained in this blog are my personal thoughts and do not necessarily reflect the views of Georgia State University, the Georgia State University Athletic Association, the Georgia State Univeristy Football Team, The Torch Worship Center, ONEWAY Ministries or any other company or organization of which I am affiliated.

****No private information pertaining to the Georgia State Unitersity Football Team will be given on this blog. No “Inside Scoops” to practice, games or the team will be given. The only GSU Football Material presented on this site will be based around Video for Football and Sports.

****All views, topics, postings or photos can be “creatively pilfered” and used in any format as long as credit is given back to and Blake Adams

  1. Rhonda Smith says:

    I have some photos we took when we dropped Mo, Larry and Curly (Cody, Zach and Eric) at the airport and when we picked them up….
    If I can scan them, I will send to you for you to add to your group of photos……

  2. Bonjour Monsieurs !je suis au mali /bamako,vous aidée les geants qui son en dificulté? Jai une maison je sai pas comment construre,j’ai plus de moyen pour construre .s’il vous plait aidée moi!Tel 0022376223284

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