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First I would like to say– if you’re still around reading– thank you! I realize it’s been nearly three months since I last posted anything on this blog. I did so well for a few years keeping you updated on my life, my thoughts and other random things. I realized how much I missed putting my thoughts to paper, or in this case keyboard, so therefor I am going to attempt, yet again, to keep this thing rolling!

Now that I have apologized I will continue to the name sake of this post, The Highlands.

This weekend I had the opportunity to film a wedding in Highlands North Carolina for an incredible family. My work started weeks before however as I assembled the birth through engagement photos into a piece to show at the Rehearsal Dinner. Saturday morning I embarked on the drive to The Highlands with a good friend of mine, Kylie. Of course as we drove up the mountain we saw an incredible Waterfall and had to find it. After driving around in Sky Valley for a while we quickly figured out this was not an easy task. We eventually decided just to park at the top of the mountain and then hike up to at least get a good view. It was actually very enjoyable, although very cold!

After driving back down we stopped an awesome country store and talked with the elderly lady at the counter for a while, it turns out she had a lot of great recommendations for waterfalls, unfortunately due to our hour of aimless searching we had no time to continue our exploration.

On top of the Mountain

Arriving in The Highlands I was quickly amazed at the charm of the small town. The wedding was taking place at Old Edwards Inn which was an incredible blend of relaxed luxury (yes, I stole that line from their website). The place is one of the top resorts in the South East and it definitely lived up to the reputation!

Upon arriving we headed out to The Farm at Old Edwards Inn which is where the wedding was to take place. This was also where Kylie, Alice, Brenda and the rest of the Seven and Company Staff were staying. Seven and Company is an incredible Salon you should check out! With only a few minutes before the Rehearsal I headed over to the Dinner Location to ensure that everything was in order to play the DVD.

The Farmhouse

The rehearsal was good, although very chilly as we stood outside in a semi-heated tent. Following the rehearsal we all headed over to the Dinner Location which consisted of some great Bar-b-q and Ribs. While heading to the Dinner I realized I needed a few more cables in order to capture audio at the wedding and my parents were kind enough to drive them up to me! The DVD played and everyone seemed to enjoy the photos streaming across the screen.

Tomorrow continues Wedding Production Part 2 covering the Wedding and the Incredible Hotel I stayed.

If you’re interested in having a quality wedding video, visit my site at or contact me directly. We love working working with you to capture every moment of your magical day.


Happy 2010!

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Happy 2010!

I realize it’s been over a month since my last post on the Blog of Blake Adams… and a lot has happened in that time! First of all I’ve been developing my personal website, which hopefully will eventually serve in lieu of my blog, over at

At work it has been a whirlwind of activity. XOS delivered and trained me on our brand new Thunder System which is incredible. It gives coaches the ability to do everything imaginable with video to better prepare themselves and the team for opponents. Expect a full report on this new software in the coming weeks.

We also are moving to a brand new office facility and in the process of completing a multi-million dollar field complex which will house practice fields, meeting rooms, lockers, equipment and more in the near future. This to will be coming in the next few weeks.

New Years Resolutions were discussed this morning, and here are a few of mine so you can help keep me accountable.

1) Develop a morning devotion period. I must admit this is hard when you have to be at the office at 5:30am, but it is well worth it.
2) Limit my Mountain Dew intake to 20 oz per day… This will be hard!
3) Embrace everyday as an opportunity to better myself and those around me. Time is a gift from God given to us not to waste but to use to the best of our ability.
4) Continue to expand my horizons in a professional capacity, taking each day as an opportunity to add to my repertoire of skills.

So what are your New Years Resolutions?

New Pictures

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Wow, it’s been half a month since my last post. You can tell you’re too busy when you can’t take ten minutes to write a post! So because of that I’m now going to block out time on my calendar, hopefully daily, to write a new blog post. I enjoy it way to much to let this thing slide by the way-side.

Anyway, my friend Alex Haynes is a photographer in North East Georgia and she was great enough to do a short photo shoot with me on Saturday before I hosted the ONEWAY Video Awards (more about that later). Here are a few of her pictures, you can check out more in my Facebook Album Here

Black and White Head ShotHeadshot!









The commute home yesterday was the most eventful I have had since moving to Atlanta… of course I have a feeling yesterday was the most eventful commute for anyone living in Atlanta in quite a while.

Underwater Car

Underwater Car

I left the offices at 3:30 to “beat the traffic” so I would make it home at a decent hour, knowing it was going to be bad. I turned right out of the Parking Garage and went down the hill, only to find the underpass six feet underwater and a red car attempting to make it through. Notice I said attempting because as it got near the center of the underpass the car stalled and the helpless… dare I say stupid… driver had to get out and wade back to the shore (sidewalk). I told Tom Tom to find an alternate route and it turned me right, along the back side of our offices. Immediately my car was in two feet of water, but with no where to go I continued. Slowly making my way around back roads, often having to turn around due to rivers running over the road,  I found my way to an on-ramp for the interstate.

Where I was Stuck (I'm About Fifteen cars back)

Where I was Stuck (I'm About Fifteen cars back)

I was thinking, surely Atlanta can effectively manage the interstate road, however I was quickly proven wrong. The second I reached the top of the on-ramp cars were at a dead stop. No more than twenty cars ahead of me was a lake the size of a Football Field where the Interstate use to be. Knowing there was no where to go the guy in front of me put it in park and got out, so I followed suit. We chatted for a while and attempted to take some pictures, although in a torrential downpour this is not such a great idea.

My View of the "Lake"

My View of the "Lake"

After nearly thirty minutes a state trooper made his way back to our section and had us all reverse direction. That’s right, six lanes of traffic all slowly turned around and faced the other way. We then drove back to the on-ramp, much to the surprise of cars just attempting to enter it, and made our way home on back roads. It took nearly two hours of commute time as opposed to my usual 20 minutes… and I was one of the lucky ones.

I know several people who had to move out of their flooded apartments and into a hotel last night. I know the media director for a very large church in Atlanta and his sanctuary was three feet underwater (picture below).

An Atlanta Church Underwater

An Atlanta Church Underwater

A Local Apartment Complex (via a friend)

A Local Apartment Complex (via a friend)

Caved In Road

Caved In Road

Updates Coming…

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So I realize I’ve been slacking on updating my blog on a regular basis… It’s been a crazy last few weeks with the transition from the college world to the working world. I will do better starting today.. so go ahead and bookmark The Blake Adams Blog and expect to stay current on me, Georgia State Athletics and more.

Are you Ready!

I came across a great article tonight that begins explaning part of what my job as Director of Video Operations for Georgia State University entails everyday… this is only part of it as I also lead video for numerous other sports on campus… Check it out! Hopefully one day there will be an article on the video department I lead!

Just over two weeks ago when I first started as the Director of Video Operations for Georgia State University Football the department consisted of nothing; no equipment, no personnel, no plan! However, as of today, we are able to produce quality video of every practice from three different angles and have that video inter-cut and separated on DVD’s and Hard Drives and in the Coaches hands in less than two hours after practice!! (This time will be cut drastically down when the brand new XOS Sports Editing System comes in at the end of September)

Four amazing Video Interns have joined my department and they are doing fantastic, especially for the first time ever of filming Football! Give it a few more weeks and our quality of footage will easily compete with that of top tier programs… and I’m excited about making that pursuit of excellence! Each day brings new challenges, but with those challenges come opportunities to learn and grow the program.

Below is a recap of the milestone days of the last few weeks:

Monday, August 3rd 2009- First Day in the Office

My Temporary Office

My Temporary Video Office

The first day in the office was much busier than I had first imagined. The 7:30am staff meeting was a great way to start off my career with the GSU Football Team. Coach Curry shared his positive thought of the day and everyone discussed the week ahead. Afterwards I headed to my office thinking “What will I do now?”. It didn’t take long for that question to be answered as I received a call from our Athletic Director moments later asking me to create three videos for her fundraiser presentation.

Thursday, August 6th 2009- First Four Video Interns
Today I had four interns join my staff that I am extremely excited about. They will help bring the program up to the level of excellence I know we can achieve. It is them who will be responsible for the daily filming of the practices… and eventually games… of the GSU Football Program. The department wouldn’t be here with out them!

Saturday, August 8th 2009- Basic Video Editing and Distribution System

ESPN Interviewing Coach Curry

ESPN Interviewing Coach Curry

Over the last two days I developed a system to get practice film to all of the coaches, and to the meeting rooms across campus for the players review, all in a timely and convenient manner. The system consists of an array of flash drives, hard drives, computers and a little custom programming from myself. Calling up a major electronics store in North Atlanta we were able to stay within our budget and get some amazing equipment to give us a jump start!

Tuesday, August 11th 2009- First Class of GSU Players Arrive

Today the first class of 70+ GSU Football Players arrived on campus. I spent the morning filming the players arriving at The Commons (their housing) and then the afternoon filming and working with the players and families lunch at the Rialto Theater in downtown. ESPN, ESPN The Magazine, Fox, ABC, the AJC and other major news outlets spent the morning in my office interviewing coaches and key players.

Wednesday, August 12th 2009- Football Testing and Meetings

First Day on the Practice Field

First Day on the Practice Field

We headed out to the practice fields today for the first time ever to do some basic testing of the players. Two of my video interns reported today and did an amazing job on the field! It was also the first test of my video system for meeting rooms… and it worked! All evening was spent in the player meeting rooms.

Thursday, August 13th 2009- Cameras Arrive!
Just in time for the first day of “real” practice my three Panasonic DVX500 P2 Cameras arrived at Central Shipping. As it would be the next day before they were able to deliver them to me, I quickly raced across town to pick them up! Excitement abounded the rest of the evening as I unpacked them and got them set-up and ready to go.

Friday, August 14th 2009- First GSU Practice Ever

First Ever GSU Practice

First Ever GSU Practice

The first ever GSU Football Practice took place today, and the first ever GSU Football Video Staff took the field to capture every play… every moment on camera. The crew did fantastic capturing all the footage needed, and afterwards I was able to edit it all and have it to the coaches in record time. The evening was spent in player meetings watching that very practice footage.

Monday, August 16th 2009- First Regular GSU Practice
Today was the first day of regular GSU Practice… also known as days when I have to be in the office by 6am because players arrive at 6:30am for meetings. Practice begins at 8am and runs till 10am and I have all the practice footage ready to go by 11:30am for coaches meetings. It’s stressful… but I thrive on stress!

More to Come….

Me (Blue Shirt, Foreground)

Me (Blue Shirt, Foreground)

As we continue to build the program there are many more milestones to look forward to: New Office, XOS Equipment, New Practice Fields, New Meeting Rooms, New Locker Rooms, More New Offices… FIRST GAME EVER in 2010… and the list goes on and on. What an exciting time to be a part of the GSU Football Department.

Be on the lookout for many more posts over the next few weeks. 

Me and the GT President

Me and the GT President

This weekend I officially graduated the Georgia Institute of Technology with a Bachelors of Science in Business Management. It felt great to finally walk across the stage which I have so many times filmed others doing. Most of my family was able to make make it which really meant a lot! Thanks! The graduation was fairly simple, arriving at 8am for them to line us up in what felt like a Cattle Corral and then go around counting numbers for an hour. Thankfully I was sitting beside someone I knew pretty well and the class clown… which made graduation quite entertaining!

Jumbo Screen

Me on Jumbo Screen

Upon entering the stadium I quickly realized that knowing the entire video production crew would pay off as my face plastered the Jumbo Screen every five minutes. Of course I also was the only person which the zoomed in on and followed across the stage the whole way… Thanks GT Video Staff!

Today was move in day at my new apartment in Buckhead! It is awesome… expect many pictures of the new place soon!

Right after Graduation

Right after Graduation

Tomorrow is a new beginning for me… I officially begin my new career as the Video Coordiantor (Director of Video Operations) for Georgia State University Football! I already have tons of important meetings lined up this week as well as filming and editing for the new website. Expect info coming soon!