11 Days to Go…

Posted: August 22, 2010 in Athletic Video, Georgia State University, GSU Football

Are you ready? It’s less than 11 days until the first ever kickoff of Georgia State University Football. This moment I personally have been working towards for over 400 days, while several of our central leaders have been working with this date in sight for over two years! Thousands of hours of planning, hundreds of hours of practice and preparation, multitudes of individuals coming together as one have all been leading up to this moment. So I ask… are you ready? Are you ready for the start of something great? Are you ready for the birth of a new tradition? Are you ready for Georgia State Football?

I’ll resume a look inside what it takes to pull off Game Day this week… but for today I’m relaxing after a night at the GSU Block Party!

  1. Ben Moore says:


    You do great work. I’ve enjoyed your blog and I certainly invite you to join the conversation at PantherTalk.com. We talk Georgia State all day everyday. On the front page, you’ll see my blog.

    I look forward to your work on Sept. 2nd and beyond.

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