While this post could be incredibly long and in-depth, tonight its going to be a brief look at what all the Video and Creative Services department does to get everything ready for Game Day Presentation. Our job, overall, is to fill all of the visual real estate with appealing and relevant videos, graphics and animations for the duration of the game. These elements must mesh with on the field promotions, game moments and crowd interactions.

I break down the elements we create into three  sections: Features; Crowd Prompts; Sponsorships.

Features are the backbone of the in-game presentation from my department. An abbreviated list of these include:
All World GSU Look (meaning everything from the Jumbo Screen to the Ribbon Board is GSU)
Intro Video
In-House Commercials (Plugging other teams and functions)
Player Profiles
Public Address Graphics (Safety, Alcohol Sales etc.)
In-House Graphics (Website, Social Media, Television Show)
And a few other things up our sleeves….

Crowd Prompts
Crowd Interaction Graphics, Video and Animations. A quick list of these include:
First Down
Fourth Down
Get Loud
Stand Up
Go Panthers
We also produce pump up videos for in-game play.

The “Bread and Butter” of our in-game presentation… yes, this is what pays the bills!
Sponsorships are a HUGE part of our In-Game Presentation, in fact something that warrants a post in and of itself, but to give you a brief description:
For most games we have a “Game Sponsor” who sponsors the entire game day experience. For this partner we will create All World (Meaning all visual spaces) looks, features such as Kick For Cash etc. and other in-game moments sponsored by them.
We produce a sponsorship reel for the message boards with all of our sponsors based on the amount of time they have purchased.
Several of our features are brought to you by… such as fan cams, races and other features.
As I said, this is a BIG segment, so something I’ll cover in more detail later!

Join me tomorrow as I take a look at the creative process behind the Starting Lineup Video!

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