Game Day Script - Blurred Out... Be There to see it Live!

The Script is the next vital part of any Game Day experience. Everything revolving around the production of the game is meticulously scripted out down to the very last detail. While the general script stays the same; Pre-Game, Quarters, Half Time and Ending- It’s fleshing out those pieces that we spend hours upon hours planning. For the past few nights we have had our core staff meet in planning sessions where we break down every timeout, every stop in play, every quarter break and every second of Pre-Game and Half Time to deliver the best possible “show” to our guests. Yes, I say show; while the central part of the experience is the Football Game, only 60 minutes of the three hour time Fans are with us is game action, our concentration is filling those other two hours with entertaining content.

The Pre-Game is the first area we carefully plan. We work backwards from Kickoff filling in every minute till when the gates open. Generally this consists of the team running on the field, band pregame, intro videos, Public Address Announcements, Sponsorship Elements among with a multitude of other things. Being at the Georgia Dome introduces a large amount of screen real estate to fill. Not only do we have the traditional Jumbo Screen (and I mean JUMBO), but we have eight message boards and two ribbon boards to continually keep filled with content. My job is to make sure everything flows between all of those visual elements so that we create a cohesive image.

Timeouts are also carefully scripted so that we get all of our promotions, sponsorships and messages into the game. Quarter Breaks are where we try and do the On-Field promos such as races, presentations and giveaways.. while we relegate timeouts and breaks in action for on-screen promos such as lucky seats, fan cam, trivia and other media driven features.

Half Time generally is devoted to the Band with a good portion of other features we add in to keep things flowing.

So overall the Creative Production department has A LOT of things to create to keep all that screen real estate covered during a three hour game… tomorrow I’ll take a look at exactly what all those things are and how they fit into the Game Script!

**Note: I’m being intentionally vague on information as to not give anything away before our First Game. Trust me, you’ll want to be there!

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  1. JGlove says:

    I have to say as a “blogger” myself, this is quite enjoyable to read. Not to mention the overall appeal of the site on its own. Keep up the good work Blake.

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