Just finished a four hour Game Production Meeting with our main staff. Fleshing out all of the elements in the Game Day script is a challenge, but also a lot of fun to finally see come together! Today I’ll take a look at, well, The Look…

The first thing in gearing up production for a Game is to create “The Look”. When we say “The Look” we mean the overall theme and style of all the videos, graphics, posters and elements that will create that atmosphere at a game. Careful design and thoughts go into what the fans see and experience throughout their time with us. Our job as a department is to make sure everything that is created fits with the style we are going for this season, and on some special occasions for a single game.

When finding a look we take a wide range of options down to three themes which we then flesh out with samples of posters, videos and graphics to get a feel for what it will look like in the Georgia Dome. After review and tweaking a single look is determined as our full season image. We then take this and begin creating our signage for the dome, our Starting Lineup Videos, our Sponsor Graphics and Animations, our Crowd Prompts and our Videos. I’ll reveal the look we went with and an in-depth examination of what goes into fine tuning that look after our First Game… don’t want to ruin the surprise before the big day!

See you guys tomorrow!


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