Hi All-

Sorry for the long delay in writing, this summer has been insane with traveling, work and job transitions. Yes I know I have a lot to catch you up on!

First things first, this summer I was promoted to a new position at Georgia State University as the Director of Video and Creative Services for Athletics. Having the ability to serve in this position during the inagural season of GSU Football is an absolutely incredible opportunity. My department is in charge of a multitude of things around Athletics including: Video Production, Graphic Production, Coaches Film, Jumbo Screens, Commercials, Television Shows and more. So during the next few months this blog will focus on what it takes to put on a game at the Georgia Dome from a production standpoint, how we keep thousands of fans entertained during the non-football moments, how we keep fans entertained during the week through videos, television shows and graphics, and how we bring all of this together to create a GSU Brand.

My goal is to update the blog on a daily basis as to what we are doing and what’s going on in the GSU Video and Creative Services Department. You’ll be in the know on the highs, lows, challenges and successes of my department and what all of that means for a great game day experience for the fan.

It’s Coming, and It’s Coming FAST! 18 Days till Kick Off!

For today’s update… a quick breakdown of my department –

Coaches Film – Coaches film is an extremely important part of preparing the coaches and players for a game. I have hired Chris Ball to run this arm of the department. The CF department films every GSU Football Practice and Game from high in the sky. They then cut up this video and have it on servers 24/7 for coaches and players to learn from. Expect a lot more about this department in the coming weeks!

In-Game Production – IGP is a vital part of any game day experience. We produce the videos for the Jumbo Screen including everything from the Intro Video to the ‘Touchdown” Crowd Prompts. Sprinkle that in with Starting Lineup Videos, Animated Hat Shuffles, Sponsor Elements, Half Time Films and more and you have a huge plate of things to do for the season!

Website Video Productions- WVP produces all of the content you see on the Georgia State Website and Youtube Channel. Whether it be a webisode with the Volleyball Coach, a season ticket promo with Ken Coggins, or a recap of last weeks game the Website team works hard to keep the fan up to date during the week with what’s going on at GSU Athletics.

External Video Productions- EVP produces all of the commercials, DVD’s and other media that is distributed for viewers and fans. They work hard to build the GSU Brand throughout the area and nation.

Television Production- The Television Department produces any television content concentrating on Coaches Shows and Inside Access Shows… expect a lot about this area soon!

Graphics – The Graphics Department is spread throughout Marketing ranging from Posters to Billboards. They develop the images that support the GSU brands. We have an amazing staff throughout the entire marketing department, so this area is not solely based in my department.

So there you have it, the core of the Video and Creative Services Department. Check back tomorrow for another update!

See you soon!

  1. It’s great to see all the awesome stuff you’re doing. Looking foward to your upcoming posts.

    -Long time reader.

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