Impossible is Nothing

Posted: March 19, 2010 in Leadership
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Recently I watched the new Alice and Wonderland and the quote “I believe in six impossible things before breakfast” stuck with me. At first it was just a unique quote that defined the type of adventure I hope to have in my life, but the more I thought about it the more I realized what a profound statement it is really. I think of my Great Grandmother who is 90 years of age, or even more extreme Neva Morris (now 114 years of age) and how much that statement would mean to them. Imagine for a moment you were able to go back to when Ms. Morris was 7 years old (1902 for those of you not wanting to do the math) and told her and her family such preposterous claims as:

One day people will fly; a person will be able to travel anywhere in the world in mere hours;  man will walk on the moon;  you will have the ability to not only talk with but see a person anywhere in the world instantly;  you can be in your backyard talking with someone in china… checking the weather… getting the news … finding restaurant ratings around you… all with a tiny device that fits in your pocket; that we will have prevented and found cures to numerous diseases and viruses; you can watch any event in the world live in your living room; you will have access to more information instantly at the touch of a button than all the libraries you could visit in a lifetime; there will be buildings nearly a mile tall….

Just imagine for a moment what that would be like. How people would laugh at you, tell you that you were crazy, tell you how impossible that sounds. It’s never going to happen.

Funny isn’t it how we define impossible. How many times has that one word prevented a monumental discovery; a technological advancement; a medical break-through?

They say necessity is the mother of invention… I say dreamers are the artists that paint the canvas of the future.

Don’t let anything stop you. Don’t give up on your dreams. Follow your heart and passions. Pursue your dreams with courage, stamina, perseverance… knowing that not every door will throw itself open for you, some may even close, or worse many may be locked tighter than a vault. Learn from every experience, every failure, every valley and every downturn. Continue dreaming, don’t give up, live the life you have imagined.

Yes, Nike was right, you can do it!

“All our dreams come true if we have the courage to pursue them”
-Walt E. Disney

  1. Jamarious says:

    I see your blog post all the time but I read this one and just thought that’s really awesome in a profound way. Time to make the impossible possible…. let’s go.

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