Trans-Siberian Orchestra

Posted: December 2, 2009 in Event Production, Stage Design, Video Production
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Amazing Lighting!

I had the privilege this past Friday to attend one of the most incredible productions I have ever seen, the Trans-Siberian Orchestra. A few weeks ago a friend of mine, Keith Shaw, posted on Facebook he really would like to go see them. So using my connections I quickly had us a group together and set the date. The closest they were coming to North Georgia was Greenville SC so we made plans to attend… and wow am I glad we did!


Not only was the musical arrangements absolutely phenomenal, the production (lighting, audio, pyrotechnics, video and staging) was by far the best I have ever seen. Being one of the last ticket purchasers we were waaaay up in the upper level, actually the very last row with people in it… however these were my favorite seats! We had a birds eye view of all the amazing elements of the show including lasers, giant balls of fire and innovative moving trusses. Here are a few of the pictures, but click Here for several more.

Violinist in front of Flames


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