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I have the priviledge of working for one of the greatest men I’ve ever met, Bill Curry. He has been sharing his characteristics of a Champion with the team the last few weeks during morning meetings, and I am going to do a quick re-cap here. He also spoke at the Little Rock Arkansas Touchdown Club yesterday, once that video is online I’ll post a link here. It’s really good stuff.

Characteristics of a Champion
1- A Champion Shows Up- No excuses, a champion shows up and works hard everyday
2- Singleness of Purpose- A champion competes with one thing in mind
3- Unselfish- A champion doesn’t care who gets the credit
4- Tough- Being honest when others are not
5-  Smart/Prepared- Willing to do what the competition is not
6- Never Quit- A champion never quits, never.


The team is led to believe they are being interviewed for a major sports show, little do they know that it is none other than Durwood “Doubletalk” Fincher who is a master of making no sense. Watch as the team tries to answer his “serious” questions.

This was a lot of fun to film, however a major struggle not to laugh during the two hours. Editing was also hard as I had over an hour and a half of quality film. Leave some comments, spread it around, and watch for a possible “Part 2” in the coming weeks.

New Pictures

Posted: November 6, 2009 in Misc.
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Wow, it’s been half a month since my last post. You can tell you’re too busy when you can’t take ten minutes to write a post! So because of that I’m now going to block out time on my calendar, hopefully daily, to write a new blog post. I enjoy it way to much to let this thing slide by the way-side.

Anyway, my friend Alex Haynes is a photographer in North East Georgia and she was great enough to do a short photo shoot with me on Saturday before I hosted the ONEWAY Video Awards (more about that later). Here are a few of her pictures, you can check out more in my Facebook Album Here

Black and White Head ShotHeadshot!