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Posted: September 11, 2009 in Georgia Tech Video
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My Camera

My Camera

This week I have had the opportunity to return to Georgia Tech and help crew for the Jumbo Screen (Now called the MegaJacketTron). This is the first time I have been able to work with the Football Crew since usually I am running Coaches Film, and it was a completely different experience. I’m accustomed to running Wide Angle Side Lines and Tight End Zone Shots, but this week I was responsible for Side Line Tight. Basically I ran the camera in the Press Box that follows the Quarter Back then the Ball and finally gets the “Hero Shot” of the player that makes the big play.

Jumbo Screen Production Truck

Jumbo Screen Production Truck

I also covered fan shots and “beauty shots” throughout the game. My camera was also the replay camera which means after every play my shot was shown on the Jumbo Screen again. It made it more of a challenge because you know if you mess up 55,000 people will see it over and over!

On the Field

On the Field

Last night at the GT vs. Clemson game I had the chance to stand on the Side Line with the GT Players Bench throughout the game. It was exciting seeing the game from that angle as opposed to hundreds of feet away on a tiny monitor… you actually hear the hits and see the sweat and often times blood!  It was an extremely exciting game, which turned out much differently than I had expected during the first quarter (when we were leading 24-0).

I’m getting excited for Georgia State games next year in the Georgia Dome… along with the months of preparation of Intro Videos, Timeout Video, Graphics and more to keep Fan entertained during the event!


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