Origin Lake Day

Posted: June 14, 2009 in Misc.
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Chuck Piloting

Chuck Piloting

Today the Origin College and Career crew headed over to our lake house for an afternoon of boat riding, tubes, cliff diving, cards, food and tons of fun! Everyone arrived about 3:30 and we immediately headed out on the boat! Chuck took the reigns for most the day, quickly learning the proper techniques for throwing people off the Formula 2 tube.

Switching Tubes!

Switching Tubes!

We didn’t stop there, also mixing in the pancake tube and doing the double tube ride! Those are always the most fun giving you the ability to jump between tubes during the middle of the ride!


Kylie Diving In

We headed over to the cliff to do some high dives… and all I can say is wow to Kylie! She hopped up there and jumped straight in, and then got up there and dove in head first! It was awesome! The guys were a little more timid about jumping. The pressure of going so deep in the water didn’t settle to well with Paul and Chuck.

Paul Jumping In

Paul Jumping In

After that we grilled out and had pizza, as well as played a few rounds of cards (some played spades outside and we played Phase 10 inside). Josh, Paul, Brandon and Chuck went fishing… well at least they attempted to go fishing! Then we headed out for a dusk boat ride with bugs hitting our face like rain, we ended up with mouth fulls of them!

Taneshia Looking Cool

Taneshia Looking Cool

All in all it was an amazing day! For those of you in College and Early Career at the Torch you should think about joining us!
This week we were joined by: Eric, Kylie, Abbie, Josh, Chuck, Carrie, Brandon, Fawn, Amanda, Paul, Stephanie, Sonya, Phillip, Emily, Eric Shaw, Taneshia, and Me!


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