Chicken and Waffles?

Posted: June 8, 2009 in Misc.
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Chicken and Waffel

Chicken and Waffle

Chicken and Waffles, or better described as Chicken on Waffles! Yes you heard right, chicken placed on top of a waffle smothered in strawberries, syrup and whip cream. That was the meal of choice last night at our Origin Small Group! We met up at Kylie and Abbie’s house for a night of 4-Wheeler Riding, Devotion and Waffles.

We started off the night with the food. As scared as I was to actually eat this combination of food items it turned out ok! Now, that is not to say I would eat it everyday, and in fact I don’t think the chicken is actually suppose to be on the waffle, I think Eric just told us that! Several people (my sister included) didn’t quite have the taste buds for the combination!

Eric and Brandon on the 4-Wheeler

Eric and Brandon on the 4-Wheeler

After the meal we headed downstairs where Chuck led a really good devotional and talk. It was great to hear what crazy things God has had some people do as well as the ways people best hear from Him.

Following the devotional we headed outside for 4-Wheeler Riding! Since I was in flip-flops I rode with Chuck… more like held on for dear life with Chuck! I literally think he was out to kill me. Eric continued wearing his rented tux shirt from yesterdays wedding to ride in! We had fun though, it was a pretty large group for the first one (About 15 of us).

My Waffel and Me

My Waffle and Me

  1. Keith Shaw says:

    Yeah I think the chicken goes right on the waffle. Deep fried pieces like in this video is the way to go. There actually is a Chicken n Waffles restuarant not far from Ga Tech (529 Peachtree Street NW) where they put fried wings on the waffles.

  2. Sandy Martin says:

    When is this small group meeting? Jason and I would like to come!

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