Another Busy Week!

Posted: April 2, 2009 in Traveling, Video Production

I know I promised I would keep up this week with posts, but it’s been yet another crazy one! I haven’t had time to hardly turn around with multiple projects, school, football and getting ready for Sonfest tomorrow morning at 4am! I’m going to try and keep you all updated on Sonfest through the blog, assuming I have a good Internet connection in Orlando. I’m going to also do a nightly video both nights recapping the day. It won’t be much, just a 2-3 minute “melt” as we call it in football. No special effects or treatments, just all the good stuff in one place! So keep your eye out, I’ll also be twittering about it, so if you haven’t yet activated your Twitter Account and started following me, head over there now! My twitter name is blakegadams.

Well off to finish packing and getting camera gear ready! See some of you at 4am tomorrow morning!


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