A Person of Influence- Integrity

Posted: March 21, 2009 in Leadership
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I’m reading “Becoming a Person of Influence” by John C. Maxwell right now and am really being challenged by the contents! The first chapter, A Person of Influence Has Integrity with People, really spoke to me. One of my weaknesses, as some of you know, is that I have trouble telling people no when I really need to. This is something I have been working on, slowly but surely. The key point in the chapter dealing with this is:

Fulfill your Promises- Never promise anything you can’t deliver. And when you say you’ll do something, follow through on it. A sure way to break trust with others is to fail to fulfill your commitments.

So as I admit that, take time to examine yourself and see if you are a person of Integrity. Here’s a questionnaire from the book that helps you to measure your integrity.

1. How well do I treat people from whom I can gain nothing?
2. Am I transparent with others?
3. Do I role-play based on the person(s) I’m with
4. Am I the same person when I’m in the spotlight as I am when I’m alone?
5. Do I quickly admit wrongdoing without being pressed to do so?
6. Do I put other people ahead of my personal agenda?
7. Do I have an unchanging standard for moral decisions, or do circumstances determine my choices?
8. Do I make difficult decisions, even when they have a personal cost attached to them?
9. When I have something to say to people, do I talk to them or about them?
10. Am I accountable to at least one other person for what I think, say, and do?

Take a few moments to really think about those questions. I’m still going through them one by one on a daily basis! Become a person of influence by becoming a person of Integrity!


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