Winterfest- Update 2

Posted: March 13, 2009 in Misc.
Winterfest Stadium

Winterfest Stadium

We just got back to the Hotel after night one of Winterfest and I am in the process of finishing the upload of the pictures I took. Tonight was Israel Houghton and Jentzen Franklin. Both were amazing, I especially love Israel and New Breed as they are one of my favorite Live Praise and Worship bands! I roamed around most the service and took several pictures!

Sand Painting

Sand Painting

After the House Band finished playing at the beginning they had an amazing Sand Painter come on stage and do a sand pictorial of the Passion of Christ. He basically draws into sand throughout a song, changing the scenes with the tempo of the music. He did another one after Israel and New Breed about the Prodigal Son which was also really cool!

Jentzen and the Python

Jentzen and the Python

Jentzen had a very illustrated sermon again this year with several skits and props, including a 15 foot Python! We got to see it and take numerous photos prior to the sermon backstage with it!

Check out all my photos from tonight (and I have a lot) by going here:

Isreal and New Breed

Israel and New Breed

Sorry for the lack of writing, it’s late and I’m tired… and we do it all again tomorrow before heading back to Habersham to get ready for 333 on Sunday and the Echoing Angles Concert! Expect more of a write up from our Winterfest Adventure early next week!

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