Busy Weekend!

Posted: March 3, 2009 in 333, Church Production
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Sorry for the lack of posts this past weekend, things have been really busy!

Thursday night was Birthday dinner at my Grandma and Papas house which was awesome! Friday morning and afternoon I spent creating the lyrics and graphical elements for 333 and then headed to Birthday dinner at my Grandmother and Papa’s house (Steaks! Which were really good!)

Blakes Camera Cover

Blake's Camera Cover

Then on Saturday morning I filmed ONEWAY Unplugged which is the new ONEWAY Announcement series. It was raining most of the day so I “invented” this handy camera cover! The eye piece is in the sleeve and the jacket zips up to the lens.  It was actual quite fun filming on Saturday morning with Chris and Katelyn, they’re getting better on remembering the lines 😉 Of course Katelyn has the 5B4 experience so she’s use to my directing style!



Saturday afternoon I worked at the church getting things into the computers for 333, then Saturday night I headed to a surprise Birthday for one of my friends. Of course all the talk around town was the huge “blizzard” that was coming on Sunday!

Sunday was 12 hour church day! I headed to the 8am, 9am and 11am Services and then began preparing for 333. I plan to write a post soon on what all goes into preparing for a 333 service (which may surprise you!) 333 went great on Sunday, attendance was way down mainly to the weather, however everything went smoothly! Watch out in the next day for a video or two from the service!

Atlanta Snow

Atlanta Snow

Sunday night everyone was predicting snow, so I headed home and we watched Slumdog Millionaire which turned out to be a really good movie! Monday morning when I woke up there was… No Snow! All of the counties around us had snow, and some had 5-6 inches! Even my apartment in Atlanta had snow when I got back on Monday afternoon!

Well that was my busy weekend, how was yours?

Check back for videos from 333 and new posts coming at you!

Blake Adams


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