Birthday and Metro Youth

Posted: February 26, 2009 in Church Production, Service Production, Traveling
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On Tuesday after class Emily, Logan Green and myself headed down to Metro Church. I decided to head down to help Scott with his first “ONE” service, which is his once a month “Big” service to outreach to students in the Birmingham area.


Me getting sang to, Logan and Emily laughing!

We arrived in Birmingham around 6pm, and of course with Tuesday being my Birthday we headed out to eat for dinner! Choosing somewhere to eat was no easy task, however after about twenty minutes of deliberating we decided upon Long Horns. After eating our meal, Scott of course had to let it slip to our rather interesting waiter that it was my Birthday! This brought out the whole Texas Birthday Celebration which included a saddle for me to sit on while they did a big Texas “Ye-haw” for me! I must say this was a completely different environment than my Birthday Celebration at California Grill on Friday night!


My Cookie Cake!

After dinner we headed back to the church to finish working on lighting and getting things in place for Wednesday. Around 11 we headed back to Scott and Holly’s house where they had me a Cookie Cake and a Mountain Dew to celebrate my Birthday one last time!

Spoken Word

Spoken Word

After staying up till 2am watching The Bachelor (For Logan and Holly) while Scott and I downloaded songs on-line I slept in a little late on Wednesday (Of course Logan and Emily slept in much later!) After waking up, Scott and I headed back to the church where we finished the preparations for the nights service.

The service was one of the biggest Scott has done since arriving at Metro and included several creative elements. We started off the service with a video promoting the idea of “ONE” that really got the place rocking, especially when the words “Metro Youth” came up on screen!

Praise and Worship

Praise and Worship

Following the video Scott came up and welcomed as well as did the offering. Next on the order was Spoken Word which was a really cool monologue that was recited from stage! I back lit the speaker which looked amazing (Check out Photo Above)! After the Spoken Word we rolled into the Amazing Love video and then straight into Praise and Worship.

The Live Painting

The Live Painting

The students did an amazing job leading and really got everyone into the mood of Worship with God! Also, throughout the Worship Set a live painting was being done on the side of stage. Over the last two weeks the painting had been created during Worship of a heart, last week Scott took and put a “hole” in the heart. This week during the Worship Set the heart was transformed into Jesus’s hand on the Cross! It was awesome!

Scott Preaching

Scott Preaching

Rolling after Worship was the Sermon Intro video followed by a powerful Sermon on God’s “Seriously Ridiculous” Love. Scott did an awesome job of driving the points home and really speaking to the hearts and souls of all the students (and a lot of adults!) in attendance.

The Drama

The Drama

After his last point a Drama about God’s Love was performed on stage, and the students did absolutely amazing! Holly’s gift of not only having a creative vision on dramas, but being able to teach it to students and have them deliver it so powerfully continues to amaze me! Following the Drama Scott gave an alter call which really got a lot of response of people seeking! It was awesome! (I’ll try to have some video of the Drama up soon!)

After the service we hung around a while talking and then Scott, Logan, Emily and I drove back to Atlanta. Scott had a conference he was attending so we brought him back to his hotel. I finally arrive back in my apartment around 2:15am!

All in all it was a fantastic way to spend my Birthday! The Service was awesome! A few staff members from The Basement even joined us for service! I am continuing looking forward to the awesome things that God is going to do through Scott and Holly at Metro Student Ministries!

Thanks for making my B-Day awesome Scott, Holly, Logan, Emily, Kaden (and of course Mom and Dad)


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