Ice Cream and The Basement

Posted: February 12, 2009 in Misc.
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My Ice Cream of Choice Today

My Ice Cream of Choice Today

I offically decided it was warm enough for me to eat an Ice Cream outside today! I love the weather right now, I wish it could stay this temperature all year round.

As mentioned earlier we (myself, Eric, Cody Tony and Tony) headed over to The Basement in Birminham Alabama on Tuesday night. It was insane! I forgot to carry my camera so you’ll have to visit their site for more pictures. The music and style of preaching was a drastic change from what we’re use to, with a majority of their music being rap. It was crazy is really all I can say about it! I will definetely have to go back and check it out again!

Check out their Site

  1. Sandy Martin says:

    I am jealous that y’all went to the basement. I am hoping our small group can go this summer!

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