333 February 1st

Posted: February 1, 2009 in 333, Church Production, Church Videos
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Sorry, again, for the lack of posts! Things have been crazy the past few weeks, hopefully they’ll slow down a little bit.

So anyway, today was our third 333 Service at The Torch! The service went great although there were a few flubs on the Production side that we have to work on… but hey for week three it is going fantastic and I couldn’t ask for any better from my wonderful team of Production Volunteers! I took the camera out of drums this week and we actually ran two on stage cameras which gave us a wonderful selection of shots to put on the screens! I am excited to see all of the production staff continue to improve their skills and hone their talents!

We opened up the service with our very own “Guitar Hero” Paul Hunter playing Beat It on his Guitar in sync with the game Guitar Hero that was playing on the big screens. Check it Out

Following the Guitar Hero intro Eric welcomed and gave the 333 Vision then we hit “All that Matters”.

After All that Matters we rolled an intro video for the song Nothing but the Blood and then into the song. We had new set pieces this week that were water panels with flowing water. During Nothing but the Blood Red Dyed was put into them so it looked like blood flowing over the panels. The effect didn’t show through video as well, however it looked pretty cool on stage.

Following Nothing but the Blood we went into Better is one day which we haven’t done in a while!

After worship we went into Pastor’s sermon.

All in all it was a great service! We still have things to work on, however it will continue to come together and I am excited to see where God takes us as we continue to grow!


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