This past Sunday was our second installment of 333 at The Torch Worship Center. For those of you who have yet to make it to a 333 Service and are in driving distance, you are missing out! I am continually amazed at how God is using all of the amazing volunteers to create a truly awesome worship enviornment and service everytime! The volunteers are truly remarkable, spending countless hours building sets, re-arranging chairs, setting up lighting, running cameras, editing videos and playing on stage. It takes each and every position to make this service a success and I beileve God has and will continually bless us with remarkable volunteers in each role!

**Plug- If you’re interested in being a part of the Production Team (Video, Lighting, Audio, Stage) please send me an email by visiting the Contact Page**

Service and Videos

We started service this week with a basic countdown that then led into an intro video introducing the idea of “Changing the World”.

Immediately following the Changing the World video the band kicked into “Waitin on the World to Change” by John Mayer. For this song I created an Ipod esque video that played on the screens synced with them playing live on stage. We filmed it in front of a Green Screen and then I used After Effects and Adobe Premier Pro to edit the footage into the final product. Paul then made a loop for the video which helps the band stay in sync with the video. Check out both the Live Shots from the Song and the Ipod Video Version:

After “Waitin on the World to Change” we had welcome then hit the “All for Love” intro video and immediatly followed with “All for Love”. It was amazing! See the intro and song here and how both of them mesh so amazingly.

Following “All for Love” we had two more worship songs, Maker of Heaven and Healer. During Maker of Heaven a lighting scene was used which, although not providing ample light for video, created an amazing enviornment in the worship space. Check out both videos  (although Maker of Heaven is mostly a wide shot due to Lighting Conditions).

Following Worship Pastor shared about Purpose.

Check back tomorrow for a unique “Behind the Scenes” Look into what goes on in making all of the Production Aspects take place during a service.

Also more to come this week about the actual Production Process behind the edited videos.

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