This past Sunday was the Launch of our brand new 333 Progressive Service at The Torch. As you know I’m serving as the Production Director for the service which incorporates all of the production elements. I have an amazing team of over 20 volunteers who are helping to bring the production elements to life every other week at 333. The group of volunteers is phenomenal and they are all using their skills, talents and time to further God’s reach here on earth. It is awesome!

So anyway… to the service..

Sunday was the cumilation of over three months of planning, countless hours of set design, staging, video editing, lighting set-up, praying… you get the idea! The two weeks leading up to the service were crazy! We filmed two weeks ago the intro videos, had run-throughs on Monday and Saturday, stage building all throughout the week and then meetings what felt like every other second! But it was worth it!

Immediatly following the 11am service setup began. Setup for 333 includes completely rearranging the seating, adding an auxillary stage, bringing out the staging, decorating the lobby and hanging banners throughout the church. At 2:00 I had our Production Meeting with all of my team where we went over last minute changes to the order and covered a few specific shots. At 2:30 we had the service run-through where we ran it as if it were the real thing. Then, at 3:25 the doors opened for the first ever service!

We started off the service with a countdown video I created, which then led into “Where the Streets Have No Name” that the Origin Band sang. Following that song we had the intro video then two more Praise and Worship songs and finished off the set with “Fix You”. Following that Zach came up for offering then Eric shared the vision of 333, we hit a Sermon Intro video and then Pastor Mike joined us to speak about Purpose. It was fantastic! The turnout was great, the comments where fantastic and I believe the lives that were and will be touched are to numerous to count! It’s amazing how God is using all of us to create this service. Make plans to be at The Torch on January 18th, you know the time. We’ve already started planning and shooting elements, and it’s going to be even greater than the last! I hope to see you there!

Here are some of the videos from the service. I directed the Live Portions, I’m going to try to film the control room next time so you can get an idea of what all goes on behind the screen!

Intro Video

Where the Streets Have No Name

Welcome Video

Your Name High

The Stand

Fix You

See ya on January 18th! Tell Everyone to Be There!

  1. […] to everyone out there within driving distance of The Torch Worship Center… you want to be at 333 this coming Sunday! It is going to be amazing! I won’t go into detail so I don’t spoil […]

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