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Posted: December 30, 2008 in Misc.
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As 2008 draws to a close I thought it would be fitting to put together a list of the best posts from The Blog of Blake Adams from the year. These are all voted on by me and chosen by me! They are the posts I most enjoyed writing or I feel meant the most! It’s a pretty long list but I think you’ll enjoy going back through and reading them! What better way to spend your break? I’ll also be making this a permanent page after the New Year so that you can find it anytime!

Best of Travel Posts from 2008

Expedition Alaska– July 6
    Expedition Alaska is the Recap of my families cruise through Alaska. A wonderful trip with beautiful sights and amazing people!

Climbing Mount Yonah – December 22
     Climbing Yonah is a recap of our trip up the side of Mount Yonah during Christmas Break. Freezing, Dangerous… and Fun! 

Career Changing Trip to Disney World– June 15
     A look at the trip that changed my career outlook. 

Christmas at Metro Church– December 18
     Traveling to Metro Church to visit Scott Smith and help with his Christmas Service.

Road Trip to Alabama and Metro Church– August 28
    My first trip to visit Scott at his new church in Birmingham Alabama.

Best of Georgia Tech Football Posts from 2008

Traveling with the Football Team Part 1 (At UNC)- November 8
     An Inside look at Traveling with the Georgia Tech Football Team. From Private Jets and Police Escorts to the walk throughs and game.

Traveling with the Football Team Part 2 (At UNC)- November 10
     An Inside look at Traveling with the Georgia Tech Football Team. From Private Jets and Police Escorts to the walk throughs and game.

Traveling with the Football Team to Boston– September 7
     A look at the first roadtrip of the season including a look inside the plane and traveling along with the Video Crew in Downtown Boston!

An Inside Look at the Football Offices– September 18
     A rare inside look into the GT Football Offices. 

What the GT Video Department Does– August 2
     A look at what exactly the GT Video Department does every day.

Fall Camp Dodgeball Day– August 8

Miami vs. Georgia Tech– November 21
Georgia Tech vs. FSU– November 4

Georgia Tech vs. Virginia– October 27

Georgia Tech vs. Clemson– October 19

Traveling to Virginia Tech– September 14

Georgia Tech vs. Jacksonville State– August 29


Best of Quote and Motivational Posts from 2008

Follow your DreamsMay 29
      A post encouraging you to follow your dreams!

Our Deepest FearNovember 13
    Our Deepest Fear is not that we are inadaquet… 

The Train of LifeAugust 4th
     A great poem about change.

If you can Dream It, You can Do It!May 26
       A Great quote about dreams!

Got a Dream?May 21
      Have a dream you want to pursue? Everyone does!


Best of Video Posts from 2008

Season Premier– November 11
      A look back at Season Premier, a short film I Produced in early 2007.

First Ever 5B4– October 13
      A look back at the first ever 5B4 for ONEWAY Ministries and what went into the making of it.

Passion Service Videos– September 25
     A look at live videos from the 2007 Passion Service at The Torch

Friends Video– April 4
     A look at the first ever video I produced for ONEWAY Ministries

Ladies Night and 5B4– February 13
     Looking at the Ladies Night 5B4– the 5B4 gone Pink!

Best of Church Related Posts from 2008

Training Camera Operators for Worship – March 11
      An indepth look at training camera operators for effective use of IMAG during Live Worship.

Farewell Video for Scott and Holly– July 30
     The Final Video of the Scott and Holly era at ONEWAY.

To Scott– July 24
     A letter to Scott from Me about his departure to Alabama.

Rebel Man at The Torch– August 17
     An interesting illustrated sermon at The Torch


Best of Other Posts from 2008

Guest Service Series– August
     A series about Guest Service in your Company.

Company Culture Series– May
    A series looking at effective Company Culture and the role it plays in making a more employee friendly, and therefor Guest Friendly, enviornment.

Dubai Architecture Series– July
      A series looking at some of the amazing acrchitecture from Dubai


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