Christmas at Metro Church

Posted: December 18, 2008 in Church Production, Friends/Family, Misc., Stage Design
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The Youth Cafe and Game Room

The Youth Cafe and Game Room

(Warning: This is a Long One, but you should enjoy it!)

Yesterday after practice I set out for my trip to Metro Church to visit Scott and Holly and their youth group. It’s a fairly lengthy drive, a little over two hours, however I did get to see the Statue of Liberty in Alabama again! This time I noticed the flame ablaze atop the statue! I arrived at Metro around 3pm ET and went to Scott’s new office which has been completely re-decorated since the last time I went… or I guess I should say decorated because last time everything was just in boxes! It was, of course, decked out in Auburn memorabilia! We then headed downstairs to the youth sanctuary to get ready for the nights Christmas Service. I also remembered to take my camera this time so I was able to snap a few pictures of Scott’s Diggs.  The first picture is that of the Cafe where some amazing Grilled Cheeses are served with a nice hot bowl of soup! This was actually the first time I have ever eaten a grilled cheese, those of you who know me know that I’m not the biggest fan of just cheese, but it was fantastic! They did a great job! Scott and I are working on some ideas right now to change around the cafe… I’ll keep you up to date on those plans!

Me Dressed as Santa

Me Dressed as Santa

Of course no Christmas Service is complete without Santa Clause! We found this suit lying around in the back closet so of course I had to put it on! Their are a couple of different versions I’ll post later on for you all… but that’s a different story! After I dressed up a couple of times I got around to re-designing the stage for the service. Scott wanted a “Living Room” feel where it looked and seemed like he was reading the Christmas Story in the Living Room. So what I did was take the couches from the cafe, then take the two plasmas and bring them all into the middle of the stage. Then I brought in the Christmas Tree and curtained off the other stage areas. During the service we put a fireplace on the plasmas screens so it looked like it was a living room! It turned out pretty cool!

Scott reading the Christmas Story

Scott reading the Christmas Story

The first thing on the order of service, after the video and christmas wrapping game, was Christmas Carols from the Youth Praise team! They did Fantastic! It was done without instruments and only vocals, except for one song, but it was wonderful! CJ (the Youth Band Leader) does an awesome job with them! After the Christmas Carols the Praise Team and Scott sat around on the couches and read the Christmas Story from the Bible then shared a few other stories. It was pretty cool and I think a great way to start off the Christmas Season! Following the Christmas Story CJ came back out and Sang Silent Night which I managed to film with my digital camera. It’s not the greatest quailty but at least it will give you some idea.

Kaden eating the WHOLE Cookie!

Kaden eating the WHOLE Cookie!

After Silent Night they showed a Year End video that recapped the previous years activities.  Then Holly had made over 200 cookies for everyone! Kaden even got him one… he took the whole thing and tried to eat it at once which left him a mess! Kaden also tried his skills at the Computer… can you say future Video Guy!


Kaden at the Computer


Driving at 1:30am

After service I went with Scott to eat at Krystals… yum, yum… :). While we were eating Scott’s sister called and was having trouble starting her car so we headed over and I got to see them for a few minutes! After that I headed back to Atlanta. It was about 11pm when I left there, so it was around 1:30 when I finally got home! Driving was not the most enjoyable at that hour I will say!

All in all it was a great trip and I really enjoy going over there and seeing what all God is doing through Scott at Metro! I am excited to see what next year brings!

Well I hope you enjoyed reading!



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