Team Trip to Jillians

Posted: December 16, 2008 in Georgia Tech Video
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The GT Football Team at Jillians

The GT Football Team at Jillians

Today after practice we headed up to Jillians with the Georgia Tech Football Team. They always try to do some fun things for us throughout these two weeks we’re down here and this is one of them! We arrived, under police escort, at about 2pm and entered the dining room. Of course, with over 100 football players, getting food is not an easy task! I was fairly close to the front of the line however I didn’t seem to move but three feet over the course of twenty minutes as I inched closer to the buffet. It also seemed, that although I was midway through the line at the beginning, I ended up being one of the last to actually go through the line? Oh well, there was still plenty of food to go around!

Me at Jillians with the Team

Me at Jillians with the Team

After eating we headed into the arcade area where we had a card loaded with credits! We battled it out at Air Hockey, Racing, Boxing and Football games. You would think players would be able to hit the hole in the board that is less than 8 yards away? Yeah, go ahead and blame it on the balls being too flat! We can’t help it that Jillians doesn’t have the “Number One Equipment Staff in the World”! Of course most people began hitting up the ticket games so they could win prizes, and some of the players found very unique ways of getting a few extra tickets! Boarding the bus it was great to see several players carrying plush animals and boxes of candy… one even won him a Coffee Maker!

Well, tomorrow after practice I’m heading to Alabama and Metro Church of God to visit Scott and see how things are going over there! Then back here for practices Thursday, Friday and Saturday! Then after our Saturday Morning practice I’m heading home again!

Probably no posts tomorrow as I won’t be getting back from Metro till around 1am so expect plenty on Thursday!


  1. Staci says:

    Hey Blake!
    You be safe driving all over the place! I guess it’s just the Mama in me!

    Most of Andrew’s friends call me “Mama P” -I just figured out why…..

    oh well, Once Mama always Mama!

    Take Care!
    Mama P

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