Christmas Break Weekend 1- Football, Party and Stage Design!

Posted: December 15, 2008 in Church Production, Lighting, Misc., Service Production, Stage Design
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Me on the Field during Practice

Me on the Field during Practice

Christmas Break is finally here and with that comes four straight weeks of freedom and of doing nothing but laying around the house watching television and eating cookies…. oh wait, that’s what NORMAL college students do! Christmas Break for me means Football, Football and more Football! Saturday started our Bowl Season practices with a short walk through to start off the day. I actually ran on the field cam which is a pretty fun one to run because you’re “in the action”. We also got our schedule for the next week of practices, however I’m not going to put that on here as I don’t know how much is “general knowledge” yet. It should be a pretty fun Bowl Season though as we’re staying right here in Atlanta and there will be plenty of Bowl Sponsored things to do!

Me working on the Lights

Me working on the Lights

After practice Saturday I headed up to Habersham to spend the rest of the weekend. I actually went straight to The Torch to help Brandi our Media Director and Eric our Worship Director work on the new Christmas Background for the stage. What started out to be a simple task of creating some light scenes turned out to take forever because two of the robotic lights stopped working and the tower LED’s stopped working! So that led to me having to go up into the trusses above the stage to work on the lights and attempt to replace the bulbs. Of course Eric was suppose to help, but half way through the delicate procedure I look down to find this….


Eric "Helping" me change the lights

Yeah, that is Eric lying down on the choir risers! What a help he was as I dangled from the top of a tiny lift! Oh, and here is a point of view that very rarely do people get to see. It’s a view from the lights instead of looking at them!


A different point of view!

Blake, Meg and Opey

Blake, Meg and Opey

Well, we ended up not being able to fix all the lights because of various problems, so we called it a day to return the next morning at 7:30 am to finish them up. However, Eric did make up for his lack of help on the lights by helping me pick out quite possibly the coolest “White Elephant Gift” ever! We went to Wal*Mart and decided that two LIVE fish in a fish tank would be the best possible gift! So I bought two fish, put them in a decorated tank, then put them in a bag! Thanks to Kylie for the ingenious idea of putting a Card in the “Gift Stack” so that people didn’t shake the tank. The card read- “To the luckiest person in the world…. Meet your new friends Meg and Opey”. We named them Meg and Opey after Megatron and Optimous Prime. Those of you who know us will know why ;). Well Meg and Opey turned out to be THE hot gift of the night! Everyone wanted them! They traded like gold at the party!

Eric putting the Fish in the Tank

Eric putting the Fish in the Tank

Me in my Elf Hat!

Me in my Elf Hat!

I also decked out in Holiday gear for the party! Here is me in my Elf Hat (and you can kind of see Kylie who also sported Holiday Gear (ok, it was her idea) standing up in her Santas hat) The party went on till about 1am (at least for me, because I had to be at church at 7:30 so I left). It was quite fun and I ended up playing Xbox 360 for the first time and came in 2nd on Call of Duty which was pretty cool! (Sorry Levi and Wes).

Sunday after Church we had our first 333 Production Meeting for everyone interested in working with us! It turned out great and I really think that 333 is going to be amazing! Check out more HERE about 333.

Well, we just finished up practice today now I get to wait till Practice Tomorrow! Fun Times!



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