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Posted: December 11, 2008 in Misc.
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The Grocery Cart and the Wheel!

The Grocery Cart and the Wheel!

I think there is an old saying that out of all the grocery carts at the grocery store it is always you who gets the one with that annoying wheel!?! Or is this only me? It seems that every time I go to Wal-Mart or Publix I get the cart that lets the whole grocery store know exactly where I am, what aisle I’m on and how fast I’m pushing the little thing! Today was no different, although this time the wheel wasn’t loose, no, a huge chunk was missing from the wheel! Therefor every time it made a full revolution (which with those size wheels is not a very long time), a loud clunk would emit and the cart would sink down causing everything in the whole basket to rattle!! I tried it fast, I tried it slow, I tried it tipped to one side, I tried pushing down on the back, lifting up on the back and even pushing it backwards… no luck! Finally I figured out that when you were making right turns it relieved the stress on that wheel and caused a little less racket, therefor I spent the whole time going in right turns! Needless to say I was never happier in my life to push the thing into the line of other grocery carts when I left!



The New Mountain Dew Packaging

The New Mountain Dew Packaging

I also discovered a new Mountain Dew packaging! I think it’s going to have to grow on me though, I’m not the biggest fan of the abbreviated Mountain. 


In other news…. today was great! I received a wonderful phone call pertaining to my whole future! Did great on my Operations Test (at least I think I did), and have only one more final tomorrow… which is a Presentation, and seeing that I love talking it shouldn’t be a problem!

Well, off to practice my speaking skills for tomorrow!


  1. Sandy Martin says:

    Wonderful call pertaining to your future? You MUST fill me in IMMEDIATELY!

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