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The Best of 08

Posted: December 30, 2008 in Misc.
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As 2008 draws to a close I thought it would be fitting to put together a list of the best posts from The Blog of Blake Adams from the year. These are all voted on by me and chosen by me! They are the posts I most enjoyed writing or I feel meant the most! It’s a pretty long list but I think you’ll enjoy going back through and reading them! What better way to spend your break? I’ll also be making this a permanent page after the New Year so that you can find it anytime!

Best of Travel Posts from 2008

Expedition Alaska– July 6
    Expedition Alaska is the Recap of my families cruise through Alaska. A wonderful trip with beautiful sights and amazing people!

Climbing Mount Yonah – December 22
     Climbing Yonah is a recap of our trip up the side of Mount Yonah during Christmas Break. Freezing, Dangerous… and Fun! 

Career Changing Trip to Disney World– June 15
     A look at the trip that changed my career outlook. 

Christmas at Metro Church– December 18
     Traveling to Metro Church to visit Scott Smith and help with his Christmas Service.

Road Trip to Alabama and Metro Church– August 28
    My first trip to visit Scott at his new church in Birmingham Alabama.

Best of Georgia Tech Football Posts from 2008

Traveling with the Football Team Part 1 (At UNC)- November 8
     An Inside look at Traveling with the Georgia Tech Football Team. From Private Jets and Police Escorts to the walk throughs and game.

Traveling with the Football Team Part 2 (At UNC)- November 10
     An Inside look at Traveling with the Georgia Tech Football Team. From Private Jets and Police Escorts to the walk throughs and game.

Traveling with the Football Team to Boston– September 7
     A look at the first roadtrip of the season including a look inside the plane and traveling along with the Video Crew in Downtown Boston!

An Inside Look at the Football Offices– September 18
     A rare inside look into the GT Football Offices. 

What the GT Video Department Does– August 2
     A look at what exactly the GT Video Department does every day.

Fall Camp Dodgeball Day– August 8

Miami vs. Georgia Tech– November 21
Georgia Tech vs. FSU– November 4

Georgia Tech vs. Virginia– October 27

Georgia Tech vs. Clemson– October 19

Traveling to Virginia Tech– September 14

Georgia Tech vs. Jacksonville State– August 29


Best of Quote and Motivational Posts from 2008

Follow your DreamsMay 29
      A post encouraging you to follow your dreams!

Our Deepest FearNovember 13
    Our Deepest Fear is not that we are inadaquet… 

The Train of LifeAugust 4th
     A great poem about change.

If you can Dream It, You can Do It!May 26
       A Great quote about dreams!

Got a Dream?May 21
      Have a dream you want to pursue? Everyone does!


Best of Video Posts from 2008

Season Premier– November 11
      A look back at Season Premier, a short film I Produced in early 2007.

First Ever 5B4– October 13
      A look back at the first ever 5B4 for ONEWAY Ministries and what went into the making of it.

Passion Service Videos– September 25
     A look at live videos from the 2007 Passion Service at The Torch

Friends Video– April 4
     A look at the first ever video I produced for ONEWAY Ministries

Ladies Night and 5B4– February 13
     Looking at the Ladies Night 5B4– the 5B4 gone Pink!

Best of Church Related Posts from 2008

Training Camera Operators for Worship – March 11
      An indepth look at training camera operators for effective use of IMAG during Live Worship.

Farewell Video for Scott and Holly– July 30
     The Final Video of the Scott and Holly era at ONEWAY.

To Scott– July 24
     A letter to Scott from Me about his departure to Alabama.

Rebel Man at The Torch– August 17
     An interesting illustrated sermon at The Torch


Best of Other Posts from 2008

Guest Service Series– August
     A series about Guest Service in your Company.

Company Culture Series– May
    A series looking at effective Company Culture and the role it plays in making a more employee friendly, and therefor Guest Friendly, enviornment.

Dubai Architecture Series– July
      A series looking at some of the amazing acrchitecture from Dubai


Football and 333

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Screen Shot from one of the 333 Videos

Screen Shot from one of the 333 Videos

Sorry for the lack of posts the last day or so! Things have been really busy! I’m back in Atlanta for Football Practices getting ready for the Bowl game. We’ve also been working like crazy on 333 materials. We had two video shoots today then I’ve been editing all night. Just to give you a little taste, here is a frame from one of the videos for the service. Just a little inside scope.. Videos and Media are going to play a HUGE role in the 333 Service! One week and counting!

Christmas Greetings

Posted: December 25, 2008 in Misc.

My Sister and I

My Sister and I

Just wanted to send a real quick Christmas Greeting to everyone! Not long today because I’m about to go on a short hike with my family and I also don’t have Photoshop to upload the many pictures from the day. That will all come tomorrow. Before I leave though I just want to remind everyone to remember the true reason for today. It’s easy to get wrapped up in the gifts, Santa Clause, the food, the family and the fun, but we are really celebrating the most amazing gift of all over 2000 years ago!

Here’s a picture my sister and I were in today. (She got a new camera for Christmas which is awesome!)

Merry Christmas!

Posted: December 24, 2008 in Misc.

I just wanted to wish everyone a Merry Christmas! To all my family and friends thank you for being such a huge blessing in my life! The love and encouragement you provide for me are amazing and I could never thank you enough!

Climbing Yonah

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(This is a long one, but you’ll enjoy it!)

The Mountain Top in the Background Behind the Trees as seen from about 1/4th up the Mountain
The Mountain Top in the Background Behind the Trees as seen from about 1/4th up the Mountain

Marked Trails, Mountain Safety Books, Avoiding Ice Covered Slopes, Using Professional Climbing Gear…… how could that possibly lead to a fun mountain climbing experience? Well that is apparently the question Tony Elrod, our expedition leader, asked himself before todays hike. What conclusion did Tony come to?  Apparently he decided all of those things are the ways of the weak, the ways of those far inferior to our expert climbing skills…… wait, let’s rewind….

Last Friday I heard through a friend that a group from my former youth group was going hiking up Mount Yonah. Of course I wanted to take part in this because what way is better to spend a Monday morning but leisurely hiking up the face of a Mountain in the beautiful winter months where the temperature had been averaging over 60 degrees all week! I emailed Tony to let him know that I was in for this expedition. For those of you who don’t know what Mt. Yonah is I’ve got a picture of it for you. It’s the large granite rock behind the tree line. I took this photo from about 1/4th up the “trail”.

My Hiking Look with the Bag

My Hiking Look with the Bag

So anyway, back to the story, we met at the church at 9am to head to breakfast and then to the trail. Michaela’s dad had packed her a massive REI backpack that I believe he packed in the event we were stranded for weeks in the mountains. Some of the contents included a complete first aid kit, waterproof matches, a huge water pouch and I think I may of even saw Flare Guns, Bow and Arrows, Dart Guns, Tents and an emergency surgery kit. However I will say the food that was packed came in quite handy! Of course I couldn’t make Michaela carry this 125 pound pack up the mountain (Ok, maybe not 125 pounds) so I put it over my shoulders and strapped it on.

Also, although it has been over 60 degrees all week, today was the COLDEST day of the year with the temperature only around 19 degrees when we left!

We then set out on the trail. Now, to get to the top of Mt. Yonah there are two main options. The one most traveled encompasses mainly an old road bed that winds its way up the mountain… this is the one I was led to believe we were traversing on… and for the more advanced there is the “expert” trail that goes up a little more steep slope. So which of these did we choose? Well, neither would be the correct answer! Apparently when Tony looks at a mountain he chooses to climb as the crow flies, therefor we headed straight up the mountain!

Me after climbing the first Slope

Me after climbing the first Slope

Straight up the mountain you ask? You all must be experienced, avid climbers you say! I’m sure you carried tons of climbing gear you yell at the top of your lungs! The answer to both is not at all. In fact, I haven’t been hiking in a long while and the only piece of climbing equipment was a rope. We kept climbing though and reached our first major rock face. We all take a short break sitting at the face thinking we’re about to walk around it when Tony somehow appears at the top of the rock and is tieing up a rope! Now, I look at this rock and I think… I can take that! So, I back up, get a running start, and tackle the first slope! I get about 6 feet up and start to feel like I’m falling but I keep on going. Making it to the first ledge I hear Tony “What are you doing! You’re crazy!” so I stop and wait for him to throw the rope. I then use it to hold onto and climb the rest of the way.  The others were still at the bottom and wrapped the rope one by one around their bodies and climbed up.

The Guys... Tony, Me, Jr., Chris, Cody

The Guys... Tony, Me, Jr., Chris, Cody

Thinking the worst was over we headed out on our next piece of the trail. Approaching a sheer cliff of solid ice… ok, ok, maybe not a sheer cliff and maybe not of solid ice, but it was a steep rocky slope with plenty of ice… we think surley not this slope to! Tony tells us to sit still and he disappears around the corner. About ten minutes later he appears at the top of that slope and is tieing up the rope! At this point we are panicking! I make a few phone calls to tell people that the group leader is CRAZY and that I love them and for them to remember me!

Part of the Ice Slope!

Part of the Ice Slope!

Then Tony starts throwing the rope down to us. The first to tackle the slope was Blake Jr.. Slipping and sliding up the slope with Tony pulling hard he finally makes it to the top. Next was Chris Baker who seemed to take quite a bit longer than Jr.. Then was Renee and Cody. Left at the bottom was Michaela and I so I let Michaela go first leaving me at the bottom alone! After Michaela made it to the top it was my turn to tie the rope around my body and climb the mountain of ice! After a treacherous and often dangerous climb I made it to the top unscathed.

Me Climbing the Steep Part

Me Climbing the Steep Part

Thinking it was over I smile with accomplishment before looking up and seeing the next slope! This one wasn’t long but it was steep! We adjusted order this time which means that I wasn’t last… and I wasn’t complaining! We made it to the top of this slope and the main assent was completed… notice I say assent!

Michaela Climbing the Steep Part... Me behind her

Michaela Climbing the Steep Part... Me behind her

Upon reaching the top of the rock there was a large patch of grass where we all laid down for a break. Tony comes over and says “I’m going to the rock face to lay down!” Thinking that would mean it would be right across the hill we all hopped up to join. Well, you can probably guess, it wasn’t right across the hill! Another hike ensued before we finally made it over! However, when we made it over it was beautiful! The view was amazing, and, without seeming too “sports movie” it really felt awesome to know we had just cimbed that! Here are a few pictures from the “Top of the Rock”

Me on Top of the Rock

Me on Top of the Rock

Me in deep thought atop the mountain

Me in deep thought atop the mountain

The only spot I could find to hold the camera for our Auto Timer Group Shot

The only spot I could find to hold the camera for our Auto Timer Group Shot

Me Swinging on the Vine

Me Swinging on the Vine

After a brief stay atop the mountain which included a small “lunch” break (Thanks Robin for the food 🙂 we turned around and headed back down the mountain. “Easy” is the word Tony had used to describe the descent. However, did we stay on the trail? No way! We headed straight down the mountain! Straight down the mountain means that we basically slipped and slide all the way down…

Me, Chris and Michaela on our way down

Me, Chris and Michaela on our way down

So… was this the most fun I’ve ever had on a hiking expedition? Absolutely! Now, that doesn’t mean I would do every hiking trip this way… but I would gladly do it again with the group of amazing people I was with! The fear and danger only added to the excitement of the day! I’ll never drive by that mountain and think of it the same way again.

Disclaimer: Ok, I may have exaggerated a little on some of the stories, but that is definitely what it seemed like at the time!

Thanks to my awesome expedition team:
Michaela, Chris, Blake Jr, Renee, Cody and our Fearless Leader Tony
Oh, and my sister Emily who couldn’t go but stayed with Tony’s wife and kid to keep them company 🙂

Going Home!

Posted: December 20, 2008 in Misc.

We just finished practices for the week this morning so I’m about to head home until Friday Morning! I’m excited, this is the first year we’ve had this many days off at Christmas! I’ll try to keep the blog updated with Christmas happenings the next week so keep checking in! There may not be as many though since I’ll be pretty busy.

Till Next Time!

Store Closing

Posted: December 18, 2008 in Misc.
Circuit City Store Closing Sale

Circuit City Store Closing Sale

I headed up to Buford tonight for Christmas Dinner with the Origin Crew from The Torch (about 20 of us). I’ll have pictures of that later, my camera actually died so I’m having to wait on someone else to get them to me. Be on the lookout for them though because they’re really good :). However, I arrived a little earlier than the rest of the people since I was coming from Atlanta and decided to drop in Circuit City for their store closing sale. Expecting to go in and see tons of merchandise with huge discounts I was a little disappointed to see this…. Yeah, there was basically nothing left in the store! It was rather depressing! Best Buy across the street had plenty of great stuff to browse through. After shopping we went to Macaroni Grill to eat… but that’s another Post when I get get some pictures for you!

The Youth Cafe and Game Room

The Youth Cafe and Game Room

(Warning: This is a Long One, but you should enjoy it!)

Yesterday after practice I set out for my trip to Metro Church to visit Scott and Holly and their youth group. It’s a fairly lengthy drive, a little over two hours, however I did get to see the Statue of Liberty in Alabama again! This time I noticed the flame ablaze atop the statue! I arrived at Metro around 3pm ET and went to Scott’s new office which has been completely re-decorated since the last time I went… or I guess I should say decorated because last time everything was just in boxes! It was, of course, decked out in Auburn memorabilia! We then headed downstairs to the youth sanctuary to get ready for the nights Christmas Service. I also remembered to take my camera this time so I was able to snap a few pictures of Scott’s Diggs.  The first picture is that of the Cafe where some amazing Grilled Cheeses are served with a nice hot bowl of soup! This was actually the first time I have ever eaten a grilled cheese, those of you who know me know that I’m not the biggest fan of just cheese, but it was fantastic! They did a great job! Scott and I are working on some ideas right now to change around the cafe… I’ll keep you up to date on those plans!

Me Dressed as Santa

Me Dressed as Santa

Of course no Christmas Service is complete without Santa Clause! We found this suit lying around in the back closet so of course I had to put it on! Their are a couple of different versions I’ll post later on for you all… but that’s a different story! After I dressed up a couple of times I got around to re-designing the stage for the service. Scott wanted a “Living Room” feel where it looked and seemed like he was reading the Christmas Story in the Living Room. So what I did was take the couches from the cafe, then take the two plasmas and bring them all into the middle of the stage. Then I brought in the Christmas Tree and curtained off the other stage areas. During the service we put a fireplace on the plasmas screens so it looked like it was a living room! It turned out pretty cool!

Scott reading the Christmas Story

Scott reading the Christmas Story

The first thing on the order of service, after the video and christmas wrapping game, was Christmas Carols from the Youth Praise team! They did Fantastic! It was done without instruments and only vocals, except for one song, but it was wonderful! CJ (the Youth Band Leader) does an awesome job with them! After the Christmas Carols the Praise Team and Scott sat around on the couches and read the Christmas Story from the Bible then shared a few other stories. It was pretty cool and I think a great way to start off the Christmas Season! Following the Christmas Story CJ came back out and Sang Silent Night which I managed to film with my digital camera. It’s not the greatest quailty but at least it will give you some idea.

Kaden eating the WHOLE Cookie!

Kaden eating the WHOLE Cookie!

After Silent Night they showed a Year End video that recapped the previous years activities.  Then Holly had made over 200 cookies for everyone! Kaden even got him one… he took the whole thing and tried to eat it at once which left him a mess! Kaden also tried his skills at the Computer… can you say future Video Guy!


Kaden at the Computer


Driving at 1:30am

After service I went with Scott to eat at Krystals… yum, yum… :). While we were eating Scott’s sister called and was having trouble starting her car so we headed over and I got to see them for a few minutes! After that I headed back to Atlanta. It was about 11pm when I left there, so it was around 1:30 when I finally got home! Driving was not the most enjoyable at that hour I will say!

All in all it was a great trip and I really enjoy going over there and seeing what all God is doing through Scott at Metro! I am excited to see what next year brings!

Well I hope you enjoyed reading!