Lawn Work

Posted: November 21, 2008 in Misc.
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Bags FULL of Leaves!

Bags FULL of Leaves!

On Wednesday, as I had an off day from Football, I helped my Land Lord clean up the lawns of his Two Houses here in Atlanta. My first time raking leaves in the Big City, and the first time having to put them all into little Home Depot bags for a truck to come by and pick up! I’m use to just raking them into a big pile and burning them at the house! Not something you can easily do in Downtown Atlanta! It took about two hours to do the whole lawn, and here is the result! Look at all those bags, each filled to the top with leaves! Notice the Lawn Across the Street… Thats how bad ours was! This picture was taken about an hour afterwards and as you can see a few leaves have already tainted the perfect lawn 😦


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