32 and Feels Like 23

Posted: November 18, 2008 in Georgia Tech Video
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Freezing at Practice!

Freezing at Practice!

It was FREEZING today at practice! Thank goodness it was only an hour practice! The temperature was a high of 43 degrees while we were out there with the wind blowing like crazy! So of course I outfited myself in all the winter gear I own: 3 Layers of Pants, 4 Layers of Shirts/Coats, 2 Sets of Gloves (one for my filming hand and one for my non-filming hand), Hat, 2 Layers of Socks and my Ninja Mask… Ok, I don’t actually know what that thing is called that is on my mouth and nose, but it works! By the end of practice, even with my gloves on, I couldn’t feel my fingers and my toes were even worse! Thursday night is going to be Cold (so for those of you coming, you better bundle up!) The bad part…. It only gets colder from here!


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