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Posted: November 11, 2008 in Video Vault
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Today I’m pulling a video out of the video vault for you all. This is Season Premier which I created back in February of 2007 for a competition. The scriptwriting took me a week or so. Unfortunately since I used cast and locations from North Georgia we only had one day to shoot all of the footage! Shooting footage for a five minute video using four different locations in one day is CRAZY but it was a lot of fun! It was a “reunion” video of sorts for most of the cast as it was my first time filming one with them all since the summer before.

So, here is a brief summary of the video for you to follow along with. Unfortunately with a five minute time limit it’s hard to develop a story. Next time we may not try to go as large on the story line!

If you haven’t seen the video before, you may want to watch it so I don’t give away the ending. But afterward read the summary so you get all the small details.
Peterson is watching the news of the highly anticipated Season Premier of Operation Stand Down, hailed the best show on Television, as he falls asleep. The reporter tells us that the main star, Richard Underwood, has been fired from the show and replaced. The next morning Peterson wakes up to the news that the season premier has been stolen from the video vaults of AVP Studios. We soon find out that Peterson is the lead agent for a security company hired to protect AVP Studios assets. He makes his way to his head quarters where he is briefed on the situation by his agents. Apparently, one of his agents, Agent Davis, has gone missing after the Premier was stolen. Agent Peterson then heads to the hideout where he makes his way to the main house by attacking the guards. Inside we find out that Agent Davis is responsible for the stealing of the Premier and he was hired by Richard Underwood, the star who was fired from the show! After a brief fight Agent Peterson escapes by helicopter and it fades out. Peterson then wakes up back in his room. Was it all a dream? The doorbell rings and Peterson finds a note taped on the door with the words “Thank You” written on it. Was it real?

Interesting Trivia
-The Water that Agent Peterson (Cale) comes out of is almost freezing! We shoot in early February and it was only in the low 40’s outside!

-The helicopter scene was shot at an airport in Atlanta. I then had to go in, frame by frame, and remove the city background replacing it with the woods background.

-The breaking through the window scene, while not as good as I hoped, was filmed in front of a blue screen. The glass was made of sugar that we formed the night before.

-The actors memorized the lines on the fly. We would give them the script, run through the scene a few times, then film it.

-As noted earlier, the entire video was shot in a single day and edited in under a week!

-The voice on the radio is…. Me! You guessed it! As well as the Television host during the opening credits you hear in the background.

-The Video Screen that the Agents Talk in front of is all put in in editing. When you watch the bloopers you’ll see it for what it really is!

-If you look closely at the agents in the Head Quarters where Peterson gets his breifing, you’ll notice the same guards who are guarding the video! We were a little short on staff!

-We actually had foam material and mattresses to cushion the fall when Agent Peterson pushes the guard off the porch. It was still scary only from a height of six feet!


Of course what film would be complete without its share of bloopers… and we had PLENTY! Enjoy these as much as we enjoyed filming them!

Cast and Crew
Of course all of the actors and crew were Family and Friends! Here is a list of them. Thanks again everyone and we need to do this again soon!

Listed in order of appearance

Cale Westbrook-Agent Peterson
Logan Green- News Anchor
Amanda Underwood- Lead Agent in Head Quarters
Zach Underwood- Agent #2
Eric Shaw- Agent #3
Blake J. Adams- Agent Davis
Josh Underwood- Richard Underwood

Crew (and Extras)
Emily Adams- Audio Engineer
Taneshia Brown- Assistant Director
Kimberly Tench- Production Designer/Make up
Alex Haynes- Grip/Make Up
Donna Adams- Set Mom

Till next time

-Blake Adams

  1. Staci says:

    I totally enjoyed this! Great work!

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