GT vs. UNC- Traveling with the Tech Team Part 2

Posted: November 10, 2008 in Georgia Tech Video
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Today I continue with the UNC Trip this past weekend. For Part I click HERE.

Friday Night

Arriving at the Team Hotel

Arriving at the Team Hotel

After the walk through Friday afternoon we headed to the hotel. Greeting us, as most hotels do, were balloons, snacks, drinks and friendly staff wearing Georgia Tech apparel. After getting our room keys we (the video staff) set up the projectors and laptops in the meeting rooms at the hotel. Unfortunately there was a large Toastmasters conference also going on in the hotel and several attendees in hard hats and orange vests led us in circles for a few minutes in search of our meeting rooms. After setting up the projectors and changing out of our Tech gear, we (video staff) decided to head to the local mall for the evening. Ok, not quite as exciting as the Boston College trip, but it at least beat the activities (aka: visiting Big Lots) on the Virginia Tech trip!

The Mall's Water Fountains. Notice the way the water "holds up" the children! This was just one of the cool Water Fountains!

The Mall... Notice the way the Fountains "Hold Up" the kids! Just one of the cool Mall Fountains.

Calling the Lobby to find out taxi rates yielded promising results. The mall was a little under 7 miles away and the lady said it would cost, at a maximum, $15. So, we called the taxi. A black, unmarked mini-van pulls up and insists they are indeed the taxi. After a second or two of skepticism we give it a go. Inside is not much different and the appearance of a local who happens to drive his van for customers at night is a definite! Arriving at the mall, just six minutes later, we are informed that it is going to cost $25! No rates posted, no running mileage or time, just $25! This also included several near misses and grasping of handle bars! Anyway, we paid up and headed into the mall. The mall was actually very nice and had several unique and interesting water fountains.

After shopping for a while we visited the Information Desk to attempt to find a cheaper way back to the hotel. Speaking of back to the hotel… we had no idea where it was! The first question to the information desk “What city are we in right now?”. Then a ten minute discussion and flurry of phone calls led us to finding our hotel. Asking the attendant if she could find us a cheaper taxi- “Of course, there’s no way it will be over $20!”   And— yes, you guessed it, arriving back at the hotel we find out it is $25 yet again!

The most "real" Calamari I've ever eaten!

The most "Squiddish" Calamari I've Eaten!

$50 of a taxi ride later we decided it was time to eat in the Hotel Dining Room. Tonight we decided on the Chicken Quesidillas and Calamari for appetizers, I got the flat bread four cheese pizza for dinner, and then a warm pecan pie for dessert! It was great! Although the calamari was definitely the most “squiddish” I’ve ever had! After dinner we headed back to the room and called it a night by watching a little television.

Game Day

Pre-Game on the Field

Pre-Game on the Field

Saturday morning began at 9:00am for us as we arrived back in the lobby to load up the projectors and laptops out of the meeting rooms. After the players finished up morning meetings we scrambled to get all the equipment on the buses before they pulled off. Around 9:15am the buses were off to the UNC Stadium for Game Day! Arriving at the Stadium we unpacked our game gear (3 cameras, 2 laptops, 2 tripods, batteries, walkies, P2 cards, power supplies and Television Truck Recording Gear) then waited on the UNC Video Staff to pick us up. They then drove all of our equipment to the various filming locations (sideline, tv truck and end zone) and helped us unload it all! Great help!

Pre-Game on the Field

Pre-Game on the Field

Afterwards their video Directer carried us on a tour of their facilities, work out room, museum and of course Video Office. My boss actually edited from their offices this time, which saved me once or twice during the game (camera problems). After the tour we headed to the press box with their student staff (about 9 students!) to grab a bite to eat. This week was hot dogs and hamburgers. In the press box we also ran into one of our previous video guys Matt! What a surprise to see him there!

Me from my Filming Spot

Me from my Filming Spot

After eating I headed down to the field for a few minutes and then up to end zone to assume my spot for the rest of the afternoon, end zone high camera. The game went well, as mentioned earlier I had two minor camera problems on two different plays, one was pretty huge! It all worked out in the end though. Unfortunately the outcome of the game wasn’t in our favor (not discussing game here, for that head to the Georgia Tech Forums). We loaded up all of our equipment on the truck and then loaded the buses for the ride back to the airport. After going through security we were back on the plane. Following the bag of snacks and ice cream bar I proceeded to take a nap! Finally, an hour later, we were back in Atlanta!

Of Course, my traditional Panorama Shot!

GT vs. UNC Panorama

GT vs. UNC Panorama

What a weekend… Next game– Miami on November 20th

-Blake Adams


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