Personal Selling Presentation- Video at Bobby Dodd Stadium

Posted: November 5, 2008 in Georgia Tech Video, Misc.
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This morning was my turn to present my personal selling presentation in class. The class, Personal Selling of course, focuses on techniques and ways in selling and relationship building in sales. Covering everything from “cold calling” to closing the sale and all the details in between your abilities to make a sell greatly improve in this class.

Anyway, I decided to “sell” a new Video and Audio system to the Georgia Tech Athletic Association. The presentation had a time limit of 8 minutes so I struggled to constrain myself to that time and still be effective while trying to sell $7.2 million worth of new equipment!

So, I started off my presentation by inviting the audience to travel with me to the 2009 Georgia vs. Georgia Tech game at Bobby Dodd Stadium.

The team sits undefeated and 55,000 fans have packed out the stadium. The video department has spent weeks developing a video sure to motivate both the fans and players. Your producer counts it down.. 5..4..3..2..1 and you fire the video onto the Jumbo Screen. Unfortunately the fans in North End zone can’t see it clearly and the audience noise is so loud that they can’t hear the music or the voice overs. Fortunately however you had the foresight to purchase the Daktronics Video and Audio solutions package which allows every fan to clearly see the video board and creates audio levels that literally “shake the foundation”.

I then proceeded to explain where they video system is now (over 10 years old, installed before North End Zone was constructed, no Bass Levels etc.) and what value that I would be able to add through Daktronics (the company I was a sales associate for). Some of the interesting notes is the addition of the customizable Video Board that allows you to position where you want certain elements dynamical throughout the game (For instance, you can have the entire video board be a video image during pre-game and half time, then divide it into scores, stats, video and advertisements during game time) It also allows advertisers to email ads on a weekly basis for implementation into the board. I also covered the ribbon boards that will surround the stadium with in game stats, other team scores and of course additional advertising! I concluded with a “Buy Now for quickest turnaround” pitch and then answered questions.

My Mock Up of the new video system at Bobby Dodd stadium. Notice the new video board and the ribbon boards surounding the stadium.

My Mock Up of the new video system at Bobby Dodd stadium. Notice the new video board and the ribbon boards surrounding the stadium. (Click for Larger)

All in all I feel, and from the consensus of the class, I did a great job! I found it quite enjoyable as I generally enjoy speaking in front of people!

-Blake Adams

**This is in no way REAL and was fabricated completely for my class presentation.


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