Georgia Tech vs. FSU Filming

Posted: November 4, 2008 in Misc.
The "Perch" in North Endzone
The”Perch” in North Endzone

This weekend was one of the most exciting this year. From the Georgia Florida game (hey, I work for Tech) to the Texas-Texas Tech Game and the Virginia-Miami game all the way to the most exciting personally, the Georgia Tech vs. FSU Game, this weekend was full of exciting moments! Saturday started out with me arriving at the stadium at around 11am as we have to be there three hours prior to game time. I set up the camera in High North End Zone and then went and watched the Yellow Jacket Walk.

A few friends came by the game so I was able to hang out with them for a few minutes and then head to the Press box for the pre-game meal (ribs, chicken and pork this time). My parents and sister showed up about an hour out and we watched the band do their performance outside Bobby Dodd Stadium. I then got a call from Andy that my car was parked incorrectly so I had to go move it out onto Bobby Dodd way… right in middle of ALL the foot traffic!

My filming Spot as seen from my Parents Seats. (Under the roof in the middle of the shot)
My filming Spot as seen from my Parents Seats. (Under the roof in the middle of the shot)

Anyway, Game Time quickly approached so I took my spot up in North End Zone. The team started off very well and continued to play well. During the fourth quarter FSU came back to within 3, then with a few minutes left intercepted a pass. Driving into the end zone with 45 seconds left they fumble the ball and we are able to recover it! Two knee plays later and the game was ours!

The Fans Swarm the Field
The Fans Swarm the Field

The fans STORMED the field. At first the guards tried to stop them from coming out of the Student Sections (several of my friends were either tackled or saw others being tackled by guards), however the stampede was so large they couldn’t hold them back. They did manage to save the goal posts however, forming an arm to arm blockade around it. Thousands upon thousands took the field and celebrated with the team. Unfortunately I wasn’t able to head down because of work, but it was great to see!

Family on the Field
Family on the Field

After the game my Family and I headed down to the field to snap a family photo. We asked one of the facilities workers to take it for us. The funny part, they asked us to stay off the field… after thousands of fans had just left it! So if you’ll notice we are all standing on the turf part on the edge of the field. Thought that was pretty funny, but that grass does look good on Saturday’s, so they’re just doing their job!

Afterward we headed to eat. We ate at a new restaurant that I’ve never eaten at (the name just slipped my mind), but it was VERY interesting. A lot of the food was organic and the decorations were intriguing to say the least (think wind chimes, random vent covers etc. hanging from the ceiling). I then headed home and watched the Texas vs. Texas Tech game and what an ending to that as well!

We fly to North Carolina on Friday for a noon game! This is a BIG one for us so keep your fingers crossed!

Here’s my traditional Panorama. Only three more regular season panoramas this year (at North Carolina, Home vs. Miami and at Georgia) then hopefully two more games after that ;). This is right before the win so it was taken fairly hastily.

Georgia Tech vs. FSU Panorama

Georgia Tech vs. FSU Panorama (Click for Larger)

Till Next Time,

Blake Adams


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