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WOW! What a Game! Can you believe it! I don’t have time to say much now, just got home, but it was amazing! I stood in the Locker Rooms at the end of the game for the Coaches speeches, players singing and dancing, and a great motivational time! Then I was on the O-Line and D-Line bus on the way back and it was GREAT! Tons more tomorrow, however no pictures or videos. I had tons of great pictures and tons of cool video from the locker room after the game but my camera decided to erase them all! So unfortuatnly none but the two or three I got on my phone. Sorry guys! I had some great panorama shots to!

More Tomorrow


I’m about to head to the stadium for our departure for the U[sic]GA game! We’re going to do a walk through at the Stadium and then to a hotel for the night before the big game tomorrow at noon! I’ll be sure to take pictures for all of you to see, hopefully a few cool panoramas. I’ll just pretend like most of the people who read my blog are wanting to see the pictures because of Georgia Tech and not because it will be the UGA Stadium! Expect pictures Sunday Night!

sic- for those of you who don’t know what the [sic] is in the title. The term sic is most often used in quoted material (usually in square brackets, and sometimes italicized) to indicate that the preceding segment of the quote was copied faithfully, in spite of a mistake or seeming mistake; that is, that the mistake or seeming mistake was in the original text, and not due to misquoting on the part of the present writer. Therefor, it is saying that University is an error and shouldn’t be in UGA’s name, however it is the way it was written when the school was formed :). We use it all the time around Tech for the University of Georgia.

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Thanksgiving List

Posted: November 26, 2008 in Misc.

I’ve decided to pull out a post of the Elementary School era and list six things I am thankful for this Thanksgiving. These are in no particular order 🙂

1) My Family- They have been supportive of me in everything I do. Never have I heard “you can’t do that” when I tell them of my dreams or ambitions. They are always there for me whether it be in need of advice or that extra gas money :). I know I don’t tell them enough, but I am thankful I have such a wonderful Family! Thank you all! I love you very much!

2) My Friends- Wow, my friends are great! Not only are they supportive of me with words, but they are often the people who make most of my crazy ideas come to fulfillment! Whether it be filming crazy Short Films like Season Premier, making Mythbuster shows like the Microwave Explosion, setting up green screen studios or lending a helping hand when I need support on projects they are always there! Thank you all! You are to numerous to name individually but you know who you are 🙂

3) God’s Hand in My Life- It’s amazing how far I have came these past few years. None of this would have been possible without the amazing Talents, Gifts and Guidance He has given me to work with, to develop, and to use for His kingdom! I constantly stand in awe and wonder where I would be without Him!

4) Mentors- I have had a couple of people I would call “mentors” in my life. They are the ones who I look up to, look for guidance and wisdom. They have helped me to develop into the man I am today and I know that, even if some move three hours away on occasion, they will always be here for me when I need them!

5) Opportunities- I have been given amazing opportunities so far in life. It’s amazing the things I have been able to partake in from traveling on Private Jets with the Football Team, Traveling the Country with my Family, working with a Division I college football video department and being the Production Director for ONEWAY and coming up 333 to name a few.

6) Volunteers- Over the past six years at ONEWAY I have been blessed with some amazing volunteers. I also know that God is going to bless 333 with some amazing volunteers. I can shout into the headphones all day but if there is not someone talented, creative, gifted and amazing on the other end of those headphones nothing is going to be seen on the video screens, no audio is going to heard, no lights will be turned on and no lives will be touched with the help of media. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

So… what are you thankful for?

Crazy Busy!!

Posted: November 25, 2008 in Misc.

With the semester winding down things are all beginning to Pile up! And it seems all the professors like having things due the days before Thanksgiving Break! These three days I had three projects due, two tests, two assignments and a few minor activities due! Then of course comes practice every day, leaving for Georgia on Friday (Big Game!) and then Finals Preparation Starts! I promise updates will come tomorrow since school is over till Monday, but till then enjoy looking through the archives 🙂

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It's not THAT cold in Atlanta 🙂

As I sit outside at practices this time of year I wonder “What on earth am I thinking sitting out here! It’s Freezing!” and then pull my six layers of coats around me and hit record again. What keeps me going? Knowing we’re not going to have to go here (picture) again this year for a game! This is from a bowl practice last year in Boise Idaho. Freezing Much? Yes! And that picture was taken not long after they snow plowed the field! I can’t say I’ll miss it if we go to a warmer Eastern Coast Bowl this year!


Wow! The City looks fantastic in the background! This was before the fans started coming in.

Wow! The City looks fantastic in the background! This was before the fans started coming in.

So Thursday was our big ESPN game against Miami. Yeah, we won, we won BIG! It was great (Sorry Mitch). Granted it was pretty cold up on top of the North End Zone filming the game and my fingers took a while to warm up, though definitely not as cold as the Boise Bowl Game last year so it wasn’t that bad! It was however the last home game of the season. Scott and Mitch were able to come over from Alabama for it and my Parents and Sister also came down for it.  I didn’t get to take many pictures last night because my camera battery died at half time, but I did manage to get my Panorama taken! This coming weekend we have our big Georgia Game!


Georgia Tech Vs. Miami Game

Georgia Tech Vs. Miami Game



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Lawn Work

Posted: November 21, 2008 in Misc.
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Bags FULL of Leaves!

Bags FULL of Leaves!

On Wednesday, as I had an off day from Football, I helped my Land Lord clean up the lawns of his Two Houses here in Atlanta. My first time raking leaves in the Big City, and the first time having to put them all into little Home Depot bags for a truck to come by and pick up! I’m use to just raking them into a big pile and burning them at the house! Not something you can easily do in Downtown Atlanta! It took about two hours to do the whole lawn, and here is the result! Look at all those bags, each filled to the top with leaves! Notice the Lawn Across the Street… Thats how bad ours was! This picture was taken about an hour afterwards and as you can see a few leaves have already tainted the perfect lawn 😦

Tonight is our second Thursday Night ESPN Game this season! It will be starting at 7:30pm. Be watching for Scott and Mitch as well as my Parents and Emily! They’ll all be there cheering us on!

And before I go here are a couple of funny videos to brighten your day. These are both from the failblog which is a pretty funny site I’ve been looking it. (I won’t vouch for all the content on the site however).

Logistical Fail- It looks like he is use to this sort of thing?


Weightlifting Fail