Video Vault: First Ever 5B4

Posted: October 13, 2008 in Church Videos
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Hey Everyone!

Sorry for my lack of posting for the past week! Things have been Crazier than usual around here! Hopefully I’ll be able to stay more regular this week!

Anyway, for tonight’s post I’m pulling back out of the Video Vault. Today’s video is the First Ever 5B4 I produced for ONEWAY back in January. This was from several weeks of planning and coming up with ideas on how to do a great announcement series, something more relevant and “professional” than what we had tried before. Also, we used several elements from North Point Church for this piece.

Here is a brief run-down for how we both planned and produced the video. For those of you who would rather just watch the video instead of seeing the Behind the Scenes scroll to the bottom.

For the most part we heavily modeled after North Points using several of the same styles. As this was the first one ever the dialogue is a little rough, but all in all not terrible. Also, the audio is not the best because I filmed it using our stage lighting which is not the quietest in the world! (this changed for week two!) The editing for the host piece was first done in Adobe Premier Pro, then the special effects were added in Adobe After Effects, then put into a final composition back in Premier. It took a while to get all the elements to “mesh” and look presentable. It took FOREVER to actually film the host segments, with multiple renditions of the script filmed. It actually took longer in later 5B4’s because I got a little more demanding for how it needed to be done (didn’t want to scare away the host on the first one!)

The Silent Video for Ice Skating announcement was a VERY last minute thing. I actually had to leave it in the hands of “Group 2” I gave them very little direction beyond a basic idea (I had to get back to the “Studio” to film the host segments). It actually didn’t turn into a silent video until the editing phase when I decided it would give it a nice look and feel. It was a fun one to edit and cut using only “title cards” for dialogue.

The Be A Part video was A LOT of planning and running through scripts. I really wanted it to be more of a “touching” video than those we usually make of basing everything on humor. The shooting wasn’t very difficult, I wanted to go for a more smooth feel in it with slow trucks and dolly’s (actually moving the camera) than still shots and zooms. I think they ended up pretty good. We filmed the blue screen part for the “Be a part” stories, however I forgot to tell everyone not to wear blue so in a few shots people are wearing the same shirts! Also, the driving scene we had to shoot about 20 times with me hanging out of the back of the car yelling directions to both my driver and the talent driving the other car in addition to the cars that drive through the background! It was CRAZY but fun. The editing was done again first in Premier then the text and special effects were completed in After Effects. The music piece was custom written and recorded by our own Paul Hunter.

***Side note: This video actually won second place in the National Teen Talent Short Video Competition. I helped one of our students re-cut it for that competition.

The iFast segment was something that I did at last minute. We actually had filmed a whole piece for this commercial with actors, scripts and multiple shots, however in editing I decided it didn’t flow with the rest of the piece and cut it for a more simple video. We ended up using the video in our Main Sunday service as well!

So, after all that description here is the Video!


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