Busy Weekend!

Posted: October 7, 2008 in Church Videos, Georgia Tech Video
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Sorry for the delay in posting! It has been a CRAZY weekend! I drove home Friday afternoon to attend the last night of Revival at The Torch, then left at 6:30am Saturday morning to come back to the Game, then back home for the rest of the weekend and back here on Sunday Night! Wow, I’m tired just typing that!
Anyway, first this weekend was the Revival on Friday. It was amazing, especially seeing the many lives touched and changed by God! More about that are on Brandi and Eric’s blog as well! It was wonderful and I wish I could have been able to attend every night!

Matias on the Field after the Game

Matias on the Field after the Game

Saturday morning I drove back to Atlanta to attend the GT vs. Duke Game. Since I was driving from home I decided to go ahead and bring one of my friends Matias to the game with me. It was his first Tech game and I think I was able to convert him (the rest of his family are Georgia Fans!) I let him borrow one of my Polo’s and he wore it the rest of the evening with his Family! I was also able to give him the “VIP” tour before and after the game. We had a great time! Not to much to tell from this game though, I was scared at half time (The score was only 3-0 us!) but they blew it up the second half winning 27-0!!

I was able to do a Panorama again this game! I am making it my Game Day tradition to make one! Of course away games are much more fun because they’re different!

Duke Panorama

Duke Panorama (Click for Larger)

Also, I FINALLY got the rest of the Destin Pictures! For those of you on Myspace I have an album with 83 images, but here are a few of them. I’ll continue to post more throughout the week. I don’t want to overload your senses in one day!

The Camera and I... Yes I just referred to the camera as a Person! ;)

The Camera and I... Yes I just referred to the camera as a Person! 😉

Of course no trip is complete with out me pulling out my camera and grabbing a few shots! I’m working on the Video from it now, so be on the lookout for it around Friday! (I don’t want to give it away before they play it at Origin on Thursday!) This is one of the surf boards that someone had painted for it. (Eric continued to claim it was him but I HIGHLY doubt it!). It is very well done!

Be on the lookout for more photos and video coming later in the week! I promise I’ll change topics soon, maybe pull out some Guest Service Posts or Dubai Architecture Series!



  1. Jane says:

    Poor Matias! Being subjected to such torture. . .

  2. Sandy Martin says:

    OMG! The Rehab video was AMAZING! Great job as always. By the way, I can’t wait to see the Cribs video as well. LOL! See you soon! Hugs!

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