ReUnion #1- Jet Ski’s

Posted: September 29, 2008 in Misc.
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This will be my first post in the ReUnion Series. ReUnion was the theme of the Destin Weekend we just returned from. I don’t have many pictures to share with you this time, but more will come throughout the week. Abbie took tons of them and will be sending them my way shortly so I’ll be sure to post several!

Story #1- Jet Ski’s

Friday about eight of us decided to go Jet Skiing in the Ocean! We loaded up in the van and headed down to the Pier. We decided to go two to a Jet Ski, me pairing up with Abbie. Upon getting to the booth to pay however Levi and I find out you have to be 22 to drive a Jet Ski without a permit. So, after getting built up and excited we both had to take a Boating Exam! 25 Multiple Choice questions! Apparently when you turn 22 all of the boating knowledge such as what red buoys mean or how far to stay away from channel markers magically enters your head? We had five minutes to study the little plastic sheet the lady gave us and then she handed us a test! Levi and I headed over to the Picnic tables and started it. We tried to help each other out, but Florida being the great state it is gave us different tests! Then the rest of the crew came over and attempted to give us advice (Eric, Kylie, Fawn, Brandon, Sarah and Abbie). Apparently turning 22 doesn’t automatically mean you have all the information because they weren’t of much help either! Luckily, and I mean VERY luckily, I was able to pass (I missed six out of the allocated six you could miss!)

After that we all headed over and had to watch a safety video on operating the Jet Ski. I guess they are all about scare tactics because most of the video was shots of Jet Ski accidents and people getting hit by boats! That really made me comfortable After the video we were FINALLY ready to take to the open sea. Okay, so we actually had to put on life vests, get on the Jet Skis and then go 3mph for about ten minutes until we were in the Ocean. Wait, we were suppose to go 3mph until we hit the gulf but about two minutes into it Abbie and I look over and Eric is flying by us! We can’t let that happen so I also gun it and we make it to the Gulf very quickly! From there we took to the open waters hitting waves… no, jumping waves…. doing circles and having a BLAST! We went all the way from the Pier down to our Condo (about two miles) then played there a while so all those who didn’t make it could see us. I don’t know if many did but it was still fun! Abbie and I didn’t fall off any (there were Jelly Fish EVERYWHERE!) But we did look over and see Brandon and Fawn in the water…. Come to find out they were sitting still and a wave knocked them over! The ride back was much more difficult (mainly because I let Abbie take over!… Just kidding Abbie ;). Actually, driving back the wind was in your face so the Salt Water was constantly hitting you in the eyes and mouth. We couldn’t see at all and just hoped we weren’t about to hit anything!

When we got back (after an hour) to the pier Brandon and I began climbing the steps out of the water… and found it that riding Jet Ski’s is VERY brutal! We both were in pain for well…. the rest of the weekend! It was a Fantastic Trip and I will definitely be doing it again!

Ok, I’ve got to run, more stories and photos coming soon!

Here is one picture I did make, it is a PANORAMA of the beach from our Penthouse View. It’s not my best work, it was hard trying to get the colors to match up, but not too bad!

Panorama from our Pent House- Click for Larger Image

Panorama from our Pent House- Click for Larger Image

  1. Sandy Martin says:

    So I’m totally disappointed that your first blog about the trip wasn’t titled “Mother Pucker” but I guess you have to make sure to be appropriate. LOL! I look forward to the the rest of the blogs about our WONDERFUL trip and I can’t wait to see Abbie’s pictures!

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