Since I’ll be on an extended weekend of not posting I figured I’d pull out one or two older Videos I haven’t put on here yet.

Amazing Grace
For this I was the Producer and Director of the Service. This was our Passion Service last November. For those of you who don’t know what Producer/Director means it basically means FUN but tons of Stress! I was in charge of tying all the elements together for this service, Audio, Lighting, Video and Stage Management as well as getting all of the Pre-Produced Video and Graphical elements into place. Also, as Director I directed the wonderful camera operators that are filming this. Here’s a short dialogue of what might be happening over Head Phones:

Me- Ok camera 1, you’re going to concentrate on Leads, Camera 2 on BGs and Camera 3 on instruments this song.

Me- Camera 1, get a tight on Eric. Hold that…. Ready 1…. Dissolve 1…. Camera 2 Clear

Here come lyrics

Me- Graphics ready lyrics to overlay on screen…. 3-2-1 Overlay

Me- Camera 2 can we get a slow pull from over the shoulder of Paul? Put him in the left of the shot…. Oh wait, Guitar Solo, Camera 3 get me a close up…. Ready 3… Dissolve 3…..

Camera 2 I need less head room, a little more lead room on the right…. Ready 2 with a slow pull out… Go 2… Dissolve 2

And so on for the service. I LOVE IT! I would do this every minute of my life if I could find the right job doing it! So anyway, here is Amazing Grace

All Because of Jesus

This is another video from that service. This was actually the first song of the service. This song was the most stressful because as the first song begins this takes place:

Me- Ok everyone, here we go.

Graphic Operator- 10 seconds left on countdown

Me- Ready camera 1 for slow dissolve from countdown, medium on Eric with slow zoom to tight. Ready 1…. Go 1… Dissolve 1

Me- Ready Camera 2 on tight of Paul… Camera 2 why are you pointing at the celing? Camera 2 YOUR CAMERA IS FALLING!

Camera 2- I can’t get the tripod to stay up! It’s collapsing and falling off the stand!

Me- Hold on to it! Is Brandi anywhere near you?

Camera 2- Yeah, she’s running over now to help me fix it.

Me- Ok, Camera 1 and 3, it’s all you for now, let’s make it happen!

This is the reason we have VERY few shots in the first minute or two of the video and why there isn’t much creativity going on! If only the audience knew what goes on behind the scenes! Did I mention I Love It?

This video also includes a video track that is timed on the background. The musicians and singers played with a Click Track that was timed to a Pre-Produced Video I had made with the help of a good friend. We also included a mid-song interview which I pre-produced. It was after this video that we finally got all cameras back on-line (about half way through)


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