Mississippi State Game

Posted: September 22, 2008 in Georgia Tech Video
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Sorry for the delay in posting this weekend! I actually went home after our game on Saturday and didn’t have time to get anything up….


Heading to the Hall of Fame Banquet

Heading to the Hall of Fame Banquet

Hall of Fame Banquet

Friday night I helped in the production of the Georgia Tech Hall of Fame Banquet over at the Georgia Tech Hotel. We had produced videos for all five inductees to be played when they were announced. It was a pretty fun event with great food (steak and shrimp) and interesting people. Several of the previous hall of fame members were in attendance as well as several of the old coaches and players from teams of years gone by. We arrived around 6:00, sat up and then ate dinner. The actual presentations began around 7:30 with a brief introduction by Dan Radakovich (Our Athletic Director) and presentations by Wes Durham. The event concluded around 10:00pm and I headed home to get some rest before Game Day!


Hall of Fame Banquet

Hall of Fame Banquet


Game Day


Buzzvision New Production Trailer

Buzzvision New Production Trailer

Saturday morning I arrived at the stadium around 7:30am and helped Andy Blanton with the final touches of the new production trailer for the Buzzvision Board. We finally got our new trailer in this past Wednesday after it was suppose to be here before the Jacksonville State Game three weeks ago! For that game we had to end up patching into the Broadcast feed for the Jumbo Screen. Several of the components hadn’t arrived by game day such as the inscriber (the machine that allows us to put overlays like stats and player info), so they had to improvise in the trailer for the game. Also, the replay machines were having a little difficulty at some points (hence the reason for no replay after Jonathon Dwyers 88 yard Georgia Tech record setting touchdown!

The game went GREAT with Tech putting up 38 points over Mississippi State. We played 71 players and 4 quarterbacks during the game! The final score was 38-7. I didn’t manage to get any panoramas of the stadium, however I did take one of the Pre-Game Yellowjacket Alley area. This was a pretty hard one because people walking really interfered. If you look closely you’ll notice a few people show up more than once!


Yellowjacket Alley Panorama

Yellowjacket Alley Panorama (Click for Larger Image)


I’ll try to post a link to the highlight video when it hits youtube tonight or tomorrow.

We finally get a weekend off this week! Granted we have practice till at least Thursday but I am really looking forward to 3 straight days of no football!


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