Inside the Georgia Tech Football Offices

Posted: September 18, 2008 in Georgia Tech Video
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Coach Johnson's Office

Coach Johnson

New signs greeted the Football Coaches and Staff today at the Athletic Association. Ok, I actually think they have been there a couple of days but I haven’t noticed them till today. They have pictures of the coaches “in action” with their name. I can’t quite talk them into making me one though? Maybe next year! We’re still trying to get them to hang action shots of us filming in the hallway where all the player shots are… We’ll see… ;).

Coach Wommack

Coach Wommack

Andy's Furnace

Andy's Furnace


Andy, our Video Director for all things Jumbo Tron also added a new feature to his office today..Yes, that is a “furnace” on the wall there. It’s actually just a heater that has a nice fake fire burning inside it. I’m trying to talk him into letting me carry it up in the lift come November when it’s freezing! That would look awesome!

Today was the last day of Mississippi State Practice, and I actually ran the on the field camera right behind the quarter back for a couple of plays today! I was training one of our new guys on it. I’m working the Hall of Fame Banquet tomorrow night. It’s a pretty fun event over at the Tech Hotel where we induct the last years Hall of Fame Members. Nice food and tons of important people are there!

Oh, one more thing, I forgot to post this picture a few weeks back, but we finally have a Truck to transport all of our equipment to away games! Coca Cola stepped up this year and donated it to us. It’s pretty sweet, and HUGE!

Georgia Tech Equipment Truck

Georgia Tech Equipment Truck

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