A Monumental Day in Video-Trainer Relations

Posted: September 3, 2008 in Georgia Tech Video
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Today was a monumental day in the relationship of the Video and Training Staff of the Georgia Tech Athletic Program. Over two years have been building up to this day, weeks of hard work and negotiations, months of building friendships and relationships all have lead in the greatest single stepping stone in our short history. The leader of this movement? None other than yours truly! And what is this great achievement, what is worthy enough to be called the most monumental day in video-trainer history? The gift of a a sports bottle! That’s right, for over two years now the other video guys and I have stared longingly down from our forty foot perch in the scorching heat, we can only watch as the players and other staff members drink the sweet nectar that is Lemon Lime Powerade during breaks. Today however I was able to achieve the unthinkable, the unbelievable, the seemingly unachievable, I was able to engage in negotiations with Chris, one of the trainers, to send powerade laden bottles up the rope and bucket system to our dry and aching throats…..

Ok, so Chris has actually became a good friend in one of my classes, and I simply asked him, but still, it sounds cool :).


The Gift of Powerade

The Gift of Powerade


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