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My Riding Companions

My Riding Companions

As with any trip, at least the ones I’m on, half the fun is getting to your destination! That fact was no different in this case! I had to take the red-eye express for this trip, ok, we actually left around 6:30pm and arrived at around 1:00am, but still, it was a red-eye express for us! I was on the second van with all of us who actually have a work life and couldn’t leave with the morning van ;). My van consisted of Sandy our Driver, Jason our Co-Pilot, Sonya, Brandon, Fawn, Alicia and Alexis (both of the latter were my first time meeting). I spent the first thirty minutes giving everyone a brief re-cap of the last few months of my life, all in a biographical story fashion. It was great fun, at least for me (Sorry If I bored you all with it!).

For all those Parents with Kids under 1.5 inches wide.

For all those Parents with Kids under 1.5 inches wide.

We then stopped at McDonald’s for our evening dinner where Sandy was able to snap this beauty shot. I don’t know how many kids you have encountered who would be able to fit through that fence, but in today’s age of lawsuits I guess no one can be to careful! After the McDonald’s stop we, and yes Eric it was a collaborative effort, decided to play a small prank on them. The van picked me up in Atlanta so we decided to have me call Eric about two hours later and tell him that they had forgot me. We REALLY had him going with everyone pitching in. We finally decided to let him in on the joke, however he wasn’t to happy with us and didn’t talk with us much more that night. It also got Brandon and I kicked to the couches for the night!

Saving Money at the Hobo Pantry

Saving Money at the Hobo Pantry

For the rest of the trip we played several games like guessing Lyrics, the Alphabet game, Movie Game, Character Game…. etc. etc. Of course in attempts to save money for the weekend itself we had to resort to stopping at places like the Hobo Pantry! The ride back was much of the same, except we had two more riders who decided to join the Cool Van! (Good choice Wes and Abbie) We were all a little more tired on the way back so it wasn’t quite as lively, but still a great time!

The Crew and I

The Crew and I


Playing Catch Phrase--- My Feet in the Bottom Right Corner!

Playing Catch Phrase--- My Feet in the Bottom Right Corner!

The game of the weekend, at least late nights on the weekend, was Catchphrase. I really enjoyed this game and was able to get into it and share some of that Great Georgia Tech knowledge! Surly I’m not the ONLY one who knows about Manifest Destiny? Right!? :). We played for hours on end both Friday and Saturday nights with everyone getting involved. I think at one point we had about 15 or 16 people in the circle playing! My team won every time of course… except with the other team was keeping score then somehow they managed to get points every time we got points! And of course with Phillip’s very interesting Belt Buckle descriptions! It was still a lot of fun, not only winning but getting to hang out with such a great group of people!

Check back later for more Stories and Pictures!


This will be my first post in the ReUnion Series. ReUnion was the theme of the Destin Weekend we just returned from. I don’t have many pictures to share with you this time, but more will come throughout the week. Abbie took tons of them and will be sending them my way shortly so I’ll be sure to post several!

Story #1- Jet Ski’s

Friday about eight of us decided to go Jet Skiing in the Ocean! We loaded up in the van and headed down to the Pier. We decided to go two to a Jet Ski, me pairing up with Abbie. Upon getting to the booth to pay however Levi and I find out you have to be 22 to drive a Jet Ski without a permit. So, after getting built up and excited we both had to take a Boating Exam! 25 Multiple Choice questions! Apparently when you turn 22 all of the boating knowledge such as what red buoys mean or how far to stay away from channel markers magically enters your head? We had five minutes to study the little plastic sheet the lady gave us and then she handed us a test! Levi and I headed over to the Picnic tables and started it. We tried to help each other out, but Florida being the great state it is gave us different tests! Then the rest of the crew came over and attempted to give us advice (Eric, Kylie, Fawn, Brandon, Sarah and Abbie). Apparently turning 22 doesn’t automatically mean you have all the information because they weren’t of much help either! Luckily, and I mean VERY luckily, I was able to pass (I missed six out of the allocated six you could miss!)

After that we all headed over and had to watch a safety video on operating the Jet Ski. I guess they are all about scare tactics because most of the video was shots of Jet Ski accidents and people getting hit by boats! That really made me comfortable After the video we were FINALLY ready to take to the open sea. Okay, so we actually had to put on life vests, get on the Jet Skis and then go 3mph for about ten minutes until we were in the Ocean. Wait, we were suppose to go 3mph until we hit the gulf but about two minutes into it Abbie and I look over and Eric is flying by us! We can’t let that happen so I also gun it and we make it to the Gulf very quickly! From there we took to the open waters hitting waves… no, jumping waves…. doing circles and having a BLAST! We went all the way from the Pier down to our Condo (about two miles) then played there a while so all those who didn’t make it could see us. I don’t know if many did but it was still fun! Abbie and I didn’t fall off any (there were Jelly Fish EVERYWHERE!) But we did look over and see Brandon and Fawn in the water…. Come to find out they were sitting still and a wave knocked them over! The ride back was much more difficult (mainly because I let Abbie take over!… Just kidding Abbie ;). Actually, driving back the wind was in your face so the Salt Water was constantly hitting you in the eyes and mouth. We couldn’t see at all and just hoped we weren’t about to hit anything!

When we got back (after an hour) to the pier Brandon and I began climbing the steps out of the water… and found it that riding Jet Ski’s is VERY brutal! We both were in pain for well…. the rest of the weekend! It was a Fantastic Trip and I will definitely be doing it again!

Ok, I’ve got to run, more stories and photos coming soon!

Here is one picture I did make, it is a PANORAMA of the beach from our Penthouse View. It’s not my best work, it was hard trying to get the colors to match up, but not too bad!

Panorama from our Pent House- Click for Larger Image

Panorama from our Pent House- Click for Larger Image

Back from the Beach

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I just got back in from a wonderful weekend in Destin Florida with the Origin College Crew from The Torch Worship Center. We had a blast! Combine Jet Skiing in the Ocean (You HAVE to do this), playing in the sand, living it up in the HUGE Pent Houses and hanging out with a bunch of Great People, all on top of the AMAZING Services….. you have all the elements for a Fantastic Time. Expect a lot more to come as the week progresses with many pictures, videos and stories. Tonight however I am exhausted, plus I have to catch up on a little School Work. So, be on the lookout!

Since I’ll be on an extended weekend of not posting I figured I’d pull out one or two older Videos I haven’t put on here yet.

Amazing Grace
For this I was the Producer and Director of the Service. This was our Passion Service last November. For those of you who don’t know what Producer/Director means it basically means FUN but tons of Stress! I was in charge of tying all the elements together for this service, Audio, Lighting, Video and Stage Management as well as getting all of the Pre-Produced Video and Graphical elements into place. Also, as Director I directed the wonderful camera operators that are filming this. Here’s a short dialogue of what might be happening over Head Phones:

Me- Ok camera 1, you’re going to concentrate on Leads, Camera 2 on BGs and Camera 3 on instruments this song.

Me- Camera 1, get a tight on Eric. Hold that…. Ready 1…. Dissolve 1…. Camera 2 Clear

Here come lyrics

Me- Graphics ready lyrics to overlay on screen…. 3-2-1 Overlay

Me- Camera 2 can we get a slow pull from over the shoulder of Paul? Put him in the left of the shot…. Oh wait, Guitar Solo, Camera 3 get me a close up…. Ready 3… Dissolve 3…..

Camera 2 I need less head room, a little more lead room on the right…. Ready 2 with a slow pull out… Go 2… Dissolve 2

And so on for the service. I LOVE IT! I would do this every minute of my life if I could find the right job doing it! So anyway, here is Amazing Grace

All Because of Jesus

This is another video from that service. This was actually the first song of the service. This song was the most stressful because as the first song begins this takes place:

Me- Ok everyone, here we go.

Graphic Operator- 10 seconds left on countdown

Me- Ready camera 1 for slow dissolve from countdown, medium on Eric with slow zoom to tight. Ready 1…. Go 1… Dissolve 1

Me- Ready Camera 2 on tight of Paul… Camera 2 why are you pointing at the celing? Camera 2 YOUR CAMERA IS FALLING!

Camera 2- I can’t get the tripod to stay up! It’s collapsing and falling off the stand!

Me- Hold on to it! Is Brandi anywhere near you?

Camera 2- Yeah, she’s running over now to help me fix it.

Me- Ok, Camera 1 and 3, it’s all you for now, let’s make it happen!

This is the reason we have VERY few shots in the first minute or two of the video and why there isn’t much creativity going on! If only the audience knew what goes on behind the scenes! Did I mention I Love It?

This video also includes a video track that is timed on the background. The musicians and singers played with a Click Track that was timed to a Pre-Produced Video I had made with the help of a good friend. We also included a mid-song interview which I pre-produced. It was after this video that we finally got all cameras back on-line (about half way through)

Relaxing at the Beach

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Ok, so not Actually Destin, but close enough!

Ok, so not Actually Destin, but close enough!

I’m taking off tonight to head to Destin Florida with the Origin Crew. We’ll be down there until Sunday evening. No Internet. No Email. No Blogging. Just Relaxing. It should be three days of fun, beautiful weather and great friends. I’ll try and take plenty of pictures, hopefully a few of those panorama shots, and have them on here Sunday night! I do have one more blog post that I have scheduled to come on-line later tonight! Just to keep you occupied while I’m gone!

Till Sunday- Blake

You Can See Us at the Top of the Image!     (Players Blurred for Privacy)

You Can See Us at the Top of the Image! (Players Blurred for Privacy)

The shadows at the end of practice continue to extend further and further as Summer comes to a close yet again. Things are in full swing at Georgia Tech both in classes (five weeks done, five tests down), and Georgia Tech Football (already 3 and 1). Our first open weekend is upon us, and I must say it has came quick! Two months ago when Fall Practice first started it seemed this date on the Calendar would NEVER get here!. Somehow we managed to survive the two-a-day’s, hundred degree weather and endless practices! I only managed to loose one phone so far this year to rain while at practice! (Knock on Wood).

I’m also working on a big After Effects Project right now for Scott over at Metro Church. Here’s a quick frame grab of the project. This part is going to make the screens look like an LED Video Board. It should be pretty cool when I’m finished and is allowing me to work with stuff I haven’t worked with before! Like making a video for a 20′ by 9′ screen that will also be going to multiple Projectors, Plasmas and Televisions!

After Effects Composition- This is a screen grab from my Dual Screen Set-up.  (Click for Larger Image)

After Effects Composition- This is a screen grab from my Dual Screen Set-up. (Click for Larger Image)

Well, I’m off now to study for an Operations Management Test tomorrow morning!

Oh, and I just looked at the date, It’s exactly Five Months till my 21st Birthday!

Lunch Break: Awareness Test

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Watch this clip and count the number of times the players in white pass the ball. Can you keep up with it? Let me know about the second challenge as well, I wasn’t able to complete it!

Sorry for the delay in posting this weekend! I actually went home after our game on Saturday and didn’t have time to get anything up….


Heading to the Hall of Fame Banquet

Heading to the Hall of Fame Banquet

Hall of Fame Banquet

Friday night I helped in the production of the Georgia Tech Hall of Fame Banquet over at the Georgia Tech Hotel. We had produced videos for all five inductees to be played when they were announced. It was a pretty fun event with great food (steak and shrimp) and interesting people. Several of the previous hall of fame members were in attendance as well as several of the old coaches and players from teams of years gone by. We arrived around 6:00, sat up and then ate dinner. The actual presentations began around 7:30 with a brief introduction by Dan Radakovich (Our Athletic Director) and presentations by Wes Durham. The event concluded around 10:00pm and I headed home to get some rest before Game Day!


Hall of Fame Banquet

Hall of Fame Banquet


Game Day


Buzzvision New Production Trailer

Buzzvision New Production Trailer

Saturday morning I arrived at the stadium around 7:30am and helped Andy Blanton with the final touches of the new production trailer for the Buzzvision Board. We finally got our new trailer in this past Wednesday after it was suppose to be here before the Jacksonville State Game three weeks ago! For that game we had to end up patching into the Broadcast feed for the Jumbo Screen. Several of the components hadn’t arrived by game day such as the inscriber (the machine that allows us to put overlays like stats and player info), so they had to improvise in the trailer for the game. Also, the replay machines were having a little difficulty at some points (hence the reason for no replay after Jonathon Dwyers 88 yard Georgia Tech record setting touchdown!

The game went GREAT with Tech putting up 38 points over Mississippi State. We played 71 players and 4 quarterbacks during the game! The final score was 38-7. I didn’t manage to get any panoramas of the stadium, however I did take one of the Pre-Game Yellowjacket Alley area. This was a pretty hard one because people walking really interfered. If you look closely you’ll notice a few people show up more than once!


Yellowjacket Alley Panorama

Yellowjacket Alley Panorama (Click for Larger Image)


I’ll try to post a link to the highlight video when it hits youtube tonight or tomorrow.

We finally get a weekend off this week! Granted we have practice till at least Thursday but I am really looking forward to 3 straight days of no football!