Since we have a game today we didn’t have practice yesterday. It is one of the very, very limited Wednesdays I’ll have this Fall free so I decided to head over to Metro Church of God in Birmingham Alabama where, as most of you know, Scott is the new youth Pastor.

On my way I passed the Statue of Liberty! No, I’m not kidding, I had to do a double take and then turn around and go back to take a picture! Several people stopped and asked me if I was ok because I was sitting on the side of the road with my emergency blinkers! Apparently it has something to do with the Boy Scouts?

The Statue of Liberty--- Alabama Style!

The Statue of Liberty--- Alabama Style!

After that amazing sighting I arrived at Metro Church. Scott gave me the grand tour of his new “diggs” and I must say I am very impressed! It is seperated into two different buildings, the Main Sanctuary which has the Childrens Sanctuary as well, and then the Office/Youth building beside it. The youth facilities are also very cool! They have a really neat cafe with televisions, air hockey table, billiards etc. and tons of signed posters and pictures decorating the room. The sanctuary area also has HUGE potential! They have been blessed with a lot of awesome stuff that I know they can make great use of! I’m working with Scott right now to design some cool staging and seating area. The sanctuary is in a Gym which kind of hinders your ability to do a lot with the seating area because it is sometimes moved for functions, but the stage is stationary which helps a lot! I’m looking forward to seeing what we can come up with for it!

Service started around 6:30 with a countdown and the Bad Day at the Office Video. Then CJ led everyone into worship (and did a GREAT job!) I ended up running Pro-Presenter for the service (The lyrics, graphics and videos). It was my first time running it for a service but I guess I did OK. After Praise and Worship Scott did a sermon over Friends. It was really good!

Band Rehersal Before Service (Sorry, camera phone, my camera died!)

Band Rehearsal Before Service (Sorry, camera phone, my camera died!)

After the service ended everyone stayed around for oh, about 2 hours in the sanctuary talking!! Did get to meet a lot of Georgia Tech fans though! Ok, not really ;).

Once everyone was “finally” finished hanging out I decided to go ahead and stay the night with Scott (who is staying at his Sister’s House… until tonight!). They didn’t exactly know I was coming but it was great fun! I didn’t plan on staying so I had nothing but the clothes I was wearing… oh well :). I slept on the couch (a little to short for me), and Scott slept on the Recliner! Ha! I told him he could have the floor!?!

Today we woke up and I got to see Grant and Anna (Scott’s Sister’s Kids) for the first time in a long while. They headed off to School then Scott’s Mom and Dad (mama smith and Mr. smith!) came by! It was great to see them again as well!

Scott and Holly are moving into their new rental house today! I stopped by for about five minutes to check it out before heading back to Atlanta for the game. Their new students had left them some balloons and signs on the mailbox and house!

Welcome to Metro Sign from Scott's Youth

Welcome to Metro Sign from Scott's Youth Group at his New House

After touring the house briefly I headed back home to Atlanta. The one interesting part of the ride home was this Mobile Home that was being pulled by a truck. It took up almost two lanes of traffic yet they we’re running almost 80mph and passing Transfer Trucks! It was crazy!

Crazy Mobile Home Truck!

I’m really excited to see what God has in store for Metro Youth and what he will allow Scott and Holly to do there! (And hopefully I can contribute something ;).

Off to the Game Now— Jacksonville State! Expect pictures tomorrow!

  1. Eric says:

    Great blog… you ah beginning to do well gwasshoppa… Jus a frew more less words

  2. will kiker says:

    hey whats is up how r u and one more question do you have any sorces for me to comtact pastor scot please let me know if you can thanks a bunch

    willie style

  3. ben says:

    Those trailer pullers are crazy! I saw them in Louisianna. I was pleased when one of them crashed in the median (no one hurt). They are going to kill someone, if they haven’t already.

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