Textbooks and Stupid Drivers

Posted: August 24, 2008 in Misc.
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Today I went to the Georgia Tech Bookstore to purchase my text books for the semester. Keep in mind I am needing seven textbooks this year. Guess how much they were going to try and charge me for them (and five of them were USED!). If you guessed $500 guess again, actually, DOUBLE your guess! That’s right, they were going to try and charge me $984 for seven books! Are you kidding me! It is especially annoying when they pay me $18 to purchase back a Used Textbook and then turn around and sell it for over $150! Look at the Profit Margin on that! They do nothing to make a $132 profit! I have to go to the store, stand in line, wait on them to ring it up and hand me $18, then they turn around and stack it on the shelf. The next (unfortunate) student is paying $132 for the time it takes them to carry the book over to that shelf! What a scam! Anyway, I have decided to go online and purchase them, I’m getting out for $464!

Ok, well enough on my rant against the Georgia Tech Bookstore, now on to the second topic listed above… Stupid Drivers! After leaving the bookstore in disgust I headed over to get my car out of the parking deck. There is one entrance in and out of the deck for about 400 cars. Anyway, as I’m pulling up to the exit I see this!

That’s right, someone has decided it is a GREAT idea to block the ONLY entrance and exit of the parking deck with a Trailer. When I pulled up they had just parked there, then they proceded to open it up and push a car into it! This was after me asking them what on earth was going on and that they do realize this is the ONLY exit to the parking deck? Well about ten minutes later they finally get it loaded up and me, along with the ten cars that have since pulled up behind me, are able to leave!

So, How was your Day?


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