School….And Football

Posted: August 20, 2008 in Georgia Tech Video
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So I am officially half way through my first week of classes in the second semester of my Junior/Senior Year!! (I’ll technically be a Senior half way through this semester! I only have 24 class hours left after the end of this Fall Semester!!) As I told you earlier this is going to be a crazy busy semester! Just to give you a brief run down of my Schedule:

This is my usual Monday, Wednesday and Friday Schedule:
6:45am- Wake Up
7:30am- Leave the House
7:45am- Arrive at School
8:00am- Personal Selling Class
9:00am- Investments Class
10:00am- Operations Management Class
11:00am- Lunch
12:00pm- Entrepreneurship Class
1:00pm- Human Resources Class
2:00pm- Head to Stadium for Football
3:00pm- Out to Field to Film Practice
6:30pm- Finish up filming
7:00pm- Dinner
7:30pm- Leave School!
8:00pm- Study and do whatever is left for the day!

Tuesday and Thursday are close to the same, a few less classes but not much difference!

We’ve officially been working Football for 24 days now. We have filmed 21 of those days! This has been a non-stop season! Our first game is next Thursday night against Jacksonville State at 7:30pm! It should be fun. I plan to head over to Metro Church on Wednesday Night to check out Scott’s new place and see what I can do to help! Then we have a three day weekend for Labor Day! The next weekend I travel to Boston with Football and the next weekend I travel to Blacksburg Virginia with Football! Wow— This is going to be a crazy year!


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