This has been a VERY busy weekend for me! I started off Saturday filming Georgia Tech football (since it is my job!) then headed back up to The Torch Worship Center to learn a new lighting system that I’ve never even seen before! After downloading some documents, getting tips from our lighting guy and spending about five hours working with it on my own I was off and….. ok, walking! I was able to figure out a good amount about it in the time I had though such as creating the scenes, timing, cue stacks etc. Saturday evening we had the Russ Lee concert which I had to have lighting scenes created for, then Sunday morning we had an illustrated sermon so I had to set up lighting for it as well! I was pretty happy with what I ended up coming up with though!

So that leads me to Rebel Man!

For those of you who made it Sunday morning to the Torch you know what I’m talking about! For those of you who weren’t able to make it, it was great! We attached Chuck (our normal lighting guy who happens to be a great mountain climbing, rope swinging adventurer) to a Zip Line from the Balcony to the stage. At pastors key line the lights went out and the Superman Soundtrack started up. At its high point about 5 seconds into it I spotted “Rebel Man” standing on the banister of the balcony. A “Rebel Man” yell ensued followed by Chuck flying down across the audience and landing on the stage! He then proceeded to do some superhero poses around the stage and ended up on a podium on Stage Right. Pastor then preached a little more and hit his second key line of “What happens to Rebel Man”. Again I hit a blackout and the Superman Music Started up, everyone of course anticipating the same thing, when the crescendo hits however I spot an “Older” Rebel Man hobbling on stage with a cane. It got quite a few chuckles out of the audience. Pastor referred to them often and it really helped to illustrate his points and be something the audience will be able to remember and link to the sermon!

Of course with anything their are those minor problems that the audience isn’t all to aware of! After singing today all the Praise Team and Band Members were suppose to remove their mic stands from the “Flight Path” on stage. Pastor only preaches about 1 minute before “Rebel Man” flies in. A few seconds into it our Media Director Brandi leans over and asks “Should those microphones be there?” referring to two mic stands holding VERY expensive microphones right in the landing area for Rebel Man!! Panic immediately ensued as the cue is coming up and Chuck is already on the Banister waiting his cue! I rush over to our Assistant Sound Director Keith and inform him of the obstacles. He then takes off around the back of the balcony and down the back hallway sprinting full out! I inform Chuck who will be flying in of the obstacles on stage as well. As Pastor reaches his key line the microphones are not yet removed and I made a quick decision for Safety to hold the cue an extra two seconds until I felt Keith was close to grabbing the mics. I then hit the black out and the music started up. Down goes Rebel Man and right before, i mean no more than .5 seconds before, Chuck hits the stage I see Keith pulling the stands off. WOW! My heart was pounding as I’m sure most of us who were in the “panic mode” were!

Second Service went off MUCH more smoothly and looked great! Unfortunately I wasn’t able to snap any pictures during service as I was concentrating on lighting (and removing obstacles!), but here are a couple from Rehersal earlier in the morning.

Rebel Man

Rebel Man

Standing on the Banister

Standing on the Banister

I’ll try and get the video footage of the Entrances later in the week!

The rest of the day was also jam packed with Family Day at The Torch. We all headed over to The Legacy Center where we had a day with The Torch Family. Tons of things to do and their were Hundreds upon Hundreds there! It was Great!

This post is in response to Carlos’s Crreative Chaos Series. Check it out HERE

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