Bible Quiz Champions!

Posted: August 7, 2008 in Church Videos
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We are the International Bible Quiz Champions! Way to go Blake Adams Jr., Renee Franklin and my Sister Emily! You guys are amazing!

Just to give a little recap of the Tournament:

Played Round One against Tennessee and beat them with a score of 250 to 135. Blake Jr. and Renee both quizzed out!

Round Two was against Virginia. We play a close game. Blake Jr. quizzes out as does their top player. We are down by 80 points with two questions left in the game! Both questions are 30 pointers and Renee answers both of them allowing her to quiz out gaining extra points! We won by 5 points! WOW! Close game!

Championship Round: Playing against Kentucky. Win with score of 425 to 80!!! WOW! All three of our players quiz out!

So The Torch is now the Naitonal Bible Quiz Champions! Way to go! Tomorrow night we find out the winners for our other catagories.

From memory I believe we have (let me know if I’m wrong):
Group Pantomime
Group Skit
Synchronized Movement

Check back here tomorrow night for a LIVE update of the winners! Good Luck Guys! You have put in a huge amount of work and it is paying off!


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