Drama– Dance Updates!

Posted: August 6, 2008 in Misc.
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We are now entering our last Drama Competition! The session will be starting at 2:30 ET and we are eighth up! That should put us at performing around 3:00 ET. I’ll be keeping this current with how many more to go until us! Check it out on-line at www.mywinterfest.net LIVE

Update (2:38pm)- The Drama Session is Starting up! The First Group is going, it should be about 30 minutes till we are on!

Update (2:45pm)– They’re running a little behind, group two is just now going and they added in one extra at the beginning! Look about 3:15 now!

Update (3:09pm)– We’re running WAY behind! They’re taking a break. There are three more groups until we go!

Update (3:30pm)— We are NEXT!!!

Update(3:34pm)—-    GOING NOW!!!     GO TO WWW.MYWINTERFEST.NET and go to the Drama Room!


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