Bible Quiz- Individuals

Posted: August 6, 2008 in Misc.
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Blake Jr. is currently competing in Individual Bible Quiz!

I’ll try and update his winnings as it happens! Hit Refresh every few minutes to see updated information! Again, this is a double elimination round.

Update (12:26pm)– Currently Playing

Update (12:30pm)– Blake Jr. Wins Round 1 and is now up against last years National Champion!

Update (12:39pm)– Blake Jr. WINS!! He has beaten last years National Champion!

Update (12:41pm)– Score– Blake Jr. 110     Other Guy– 20

Update (12:49pm)– Waiting on others to finish so we see who he plays next

Update (12:56pm)– Still Waiting…….. Oh, and the Group Dance is Practicing! They should be on around 3:00 Eastern Time LIVE on, but be sure to watch for a little while earlier in case they’re running ahead!….. I’ll keep updating though!

Update (12:58pm)– Jr. is playing the guy from South Carolina! If he wins this he will play the national champion once more to “double eliminate” him and move on to the finals!

Update (1:20pm)– Jr. wins 120 to 40  (sorry for the delay, I was on the phone :).

Update (1:43pm)– Waiting on the other guy to finish so Jr. can play him again!

—–Also, session one of drama just finished! The next starts at 2:30 ET and we are eighth, so be ready to watch around 3!—-

Update (1:50pm)– Blake is Playing the National Champion again for Double Elimination! If he wins he will move to the finals which take place tomorrow evening! Cheer him on!

Update (1:54pm)– Playing the National Champion— Neck and Neck right now!

Update (1:59pm)– Unfortunately Blake has lost this round, he will play once more and the winner will advance to the Finals! Cheer him on!

Update (2:07pm)– Playing now…. Competition is INTENSE!

Update (2:17pm)– Unfortunately Blake lost the compeition. However he did play a great game against last years National Champion! Now we move on to Dance! I’ll start a new post with it. Thanks to Mom, Katherine and Emily for the updates!


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